The story is about a girl who is very fond of star gazing. everyday she waits for that time of the night. she cannot explain it to anyone but its her best time of the day. Her biggest dream is to become an astronaut. BUT AS THEY SAY, how can it go without a twist? in her college years, she meets a young , handsome and charmng boy who woos her like anything. lost in the glory of love, our girl is diverted from her ultimate goal of life. when she is sure that the boy is her only dream, his dishonesty enters. leaving her shattered the boy leaves. she decides to commit suicide. when she is on the bridge and about to jump, she looks up at the sky one last time just to realise what she was about to do. realisation hits her hard. now the question is… will she be able to live her desire or the fate will intervene again?



Will I be able to go beyond the horizon? What if it is the end of life? Or a new beginning? Am I ready to face my biggest desire?  Ignoring the sudden agitation, she took a deep breath and said just one word “GO” to G-shot who was the robot-in-charge and hit the big red button in front of her eyes.

It was 1:30 in the night when Edna woke up as her alarm began to ring. She turned it off and started gathering the stuff she usually needed at this time of the night, a bed sheet, a cushion, a blanket and her I-pod. As she found all of them, she left her room quietly so no one would wake up and went upstairs, on the roof. She was excited than usual as it was announced that a comet was going to pass around 2 am. For Edna, who was merely 15, it had become a routine to wake up in the middle of the night and gaze at stars until dawn. She used to wait all day just for those 3 or 4 hours of the night to come. All of her friends knew it and they used to think of her as some kind of a freak but they never said it out loud. Edna could never explain it to her parents that why she used to gaze at sky all night.

She spread the sheet on the floor of her roof and lied while hugging a cushion and wrapped herself in the blanket. Her favorite song was already tuned in her earplugs and she started waiting for the comet. After an hour or so, while watching the constellations, Edna noticed a white light in the sky coming from the east and she sat right up with thrill. Not blinking for once, she saw the comet passing clearly and tears pooled in her eyes and a million dollar smile lit her own face like a shooting star, oh my! How can something so beautiful exist?”  She whispered to herself as she worshiped the view.

As the contentment touched her heart, she fell asleep on the roof only. It mostly happened, when some special show took place. Edna always dreamed of becoming an astronaut. She wanted to feel that unadulterated pleasure up close. She always used to conjure up herself as an astronaut in a shuttle.

With growing years, her passion also grew larger than life. As she stepped into college, her life took turns she never even thought about.

It was her second year of college when one Wednesday she met him. Norbert.

The first time she saw him was at a book store. She was looking for some books on star gazing and there he was gazing at her from the corner. When she first noticed, she thought she must have been looking odd, but later it dawned on her that this stranger was smiling. Another two days passed and he kept on following her. She was worried that what is the matter with the stranger? So on the 4thday, just before entering the college, she went to the smiling boy who was sitting on a bench and asked “why are you following me? What is the matter with you?” And the boy smiled even wider and replied “your voice is as beautiful as your face” and she was gone. Lost in his words, Edna walked towards college but couldn’t step in without looking back.

From that day, they both started meeting frequently and the stargazer thought of the boy as her star. She wanted nothing but to be with him all the time. Even at night in those happy hours she wanted to gaze at nothing but his face. Soon the old dreams were left behind as they were replaced by the new ones. Now she dreamed only of being with the boy forever.

4 years passed and the happy couple was not happy anymore. The joy of love lasted only 3 years. Quarrels, fights and at last, betrayal by her star. She couldn’t bear him anymore. His dishonesty worked as poison and she was ready to take her own life. One night when she decided to make it her last, she went on a bridge and told herself to jump in the water. One last time she looked up at the sky to thank the Almighty for giving her life. As she looked up, the dream of her life flashed in front of her eyes. The memories of that dream, the hope of becoming an astronaut, her passion, just came into her mind. Wiping away the tears, she thought of every promise she made to herself in her younger years. Edna got off the bridge and came back home, numb. The girl didn’t sleep for 2 days. When finally she slept the third day, she realized after waking up that He was not the star. Not Her star. She still had it in herself. Those eyes of hers were once again hungry for those happy hours at night. Edna looked at the stars all night and the next day she decided to live that desire. The desire of becoming an astronaut.

Of-course it was not an easy task. The girl spent another 3 years before her first trip to space. While being buckled up in the space rocket, she asked herself, Will I be able to go beyond the horizon? What if it is the end of life? Or a new beginning? Am I ready to face my biggest desire?

Ignoring the sudden agitation, she took a deep breath and said just one word “GO” to G-shot who was the robot-in-charge and hit the big red button in front of her eyes.

Edna Collins became the first woman to discover a Wormhole. The news spread like a wild fire across the globe. While everybody celebrated her success, Edna was on her way back to home, Earth. “G-shot, would you mind recording the last message of our journey?” she asked the robot with smiling eyes. “Not at all, ma’am.”

“Sometimes, the person who romances you is not your soul mate. Your biggest Dream is!”