This story is about Shilpa and her family. They went to their village after 25 years and the life of Shilpa has been changed in the village.


Shilpa: mom, can you please help me for packing my bags?

Shilpa’s mother: Shilpa, you have only this work. But I have many works to do. I have to pack my bag as well as your dad’s bag. Baby, please try to understand. If you need my help then you have to wait till night.

Shilpa: why mom?

Shilpa’s mother: Shilpa I have to do the household works also. My responsibility does not end only with packing the bags.

Shilpa: ok chill mom. I will not disturb you till night.

Shilpa’s mother: that’s good.


Shilpa’s mother: Shilpa, come for dinner

Shilpa’s Dad:  Shilpa, have you packed your bags?

Shilpa: not yet dad. I need mom’s help.

Shilpa’s dad: Shilpa, you are not a kid. You have completed your degree. But still you need your mom’s help.

Shilpa: papa…

Shilpa’s dad: ok, ok. Mom will help you. Now eat properly.


10 P.M

Shilpa’s mother: Shilpa, tell me what do you want?

Shilpa: mom, we will stay there for three months. So I don’t know what kind of dress I would require. Should I keep my jeans and t-shirt in my bag?

Shilpa’s mother: her mother was shocked. Don’t play with me. You cannot wear jeans in the village. You can wear only salwar kameez.

If you wish you can keep few sarees too.

Shilpa: mom, what is this? I don’t wear sarees

Shilpa’s mother: you have to wear sarees in the village festival. Otherwise the elders in the village will criticize you and also me.

Shilpa: mom, it’s our freedom to wear the dress we like.

Shilpa’s mother: no Shilpa. The villagers will object if you wear jeans or skirts there

Shilpa: ok mom. Don’t worry. I will keep only salwar kameez and sarees.

Shilpa’s mother:  that’s good.

Shilpa and her family had planned to visit the village after 25 years. Shilpa’s mother was born and brought up in the village. Then Shilpa’s nana got transfer to a city as he was a government employee. In the city only Shilpa’s mother got married.

Shilpa has finished her degree just a month back. She has planned already to spend the three months holiday with her friends.

But her mother intervened and said about their plan of visiting the village. So Shilpa was upset. But her mother convinced her by saying they had not visited their village for the past 25 years.

Shilpa’s dad agreed to come with them. After the festivals got over her father will return to work. But Shilpa and her mom will stay there for three months.

Shilpa’s father has arranged for a house temporarily in the village where they can stay for few months. He has contacted the head of the village and made the necessary arrangements.

Shilpa and her family were travelling in a car. When they reached the entrance of the village they saw an old temple. So they moved to the temple. Though it was an old temple, it was kept clean by the villagers. There was a priest doing the puja. On seeing Shilpa’s family he approached them and asked who are they?

So they introduce themselves. While introducing Shilpa to the priest he seems to be shocked. Then he smiles at Shilpa. So they were confused by his reactions.

Temple priest: child, what is your name?

Shilpa: I am Shilpa

Temple priest: how old are you?

Shilpa: 20

Temple priest: then he closed his eyes for few seconds and said you will get married soon

Shilpa’s parents: on hearing this, they were shocked.

Shilpa’s dad: pandit ji, she is too young to get married

Temple priest: for every parent their daughter will be a child.

Shilpa: pandit ji, I have planned to study further

Temple priest: child, all your dreams will be fulfilled. But the fact is that you will get married soon. Whatever I said will come true.  You will accept this at the end.

Shilpa’s family did not give importance for the words of the priest. They thought it won’t be true because they have no plans like that.

Then they enter into the village. Shilpa’s dad said we will first meet the village Sarpanch (head) because he is the person who has made the arrangements for our stay in the village. They reached the village Sarpanch home.

The servant of the house received them and asked them to sit. He said the Sarpanch will come within few minutes.

Few minutes later they heard the voice of the village Sarpanch talking with his servant. Shilpa’s family was eagerly waiting for his entry. He came and everyone was shocked.

Shilpa dad: hello, I am Sharma, this is my wife and she is my daughter Shilpa.

Village Sarpanch: hello sir, I am virender, people would call me as viru bhai.

Shilpa’s dad: actually we were surprised on seeing you sir

Virender: why?

Shilpa’s dad: we didn’t expect a young man like you as a village head.

Virender: smiled at them and said yes I am the youngest Sarpanch of this village

Shilpa’s dad: if you don’t mind, can we know your age?

Virender: 25

Shilpa’s dad: oh my god, how can you able to administrate this village at this young age

Virender: sir, actually my father was the village Sarpanch and I was studying MBA.

But unfortunately my dad has died recently due to health issues. So I have to take care of my family as well as the village but with the support of the people.

Shilpa’s dad: on hearing this Shilpa’s dad was surprised. Oh my god, an MBA graduate is administrating the village. Sorry, to say this but if you have gone for work then you could earn more money.

Virender: yes, it is true. But I like to work for the people. Initially I thought I will work for some years then I can take the incharge as a Sarpanch. But everything has been changed due to the sudden death of my father.

Shilpa’s dad: please don’t worry. I am also like your father

Virender: virender got emotional and said thank you so much for your kind words.

Shilpa’s dad: he was very much impressed by virender. He couldn’t believe that a youngster like him can manage a village without giving importance to his own dreams. So he praised virender.

Shilpa: even Shilpa couldn’t believe that the village head will be a MBA graduate.

Shilpa and her family take part in the village festivals. They also worshipped the god. Days rolled on. Shilpa’s dad said he have to go to the city as he cannot take a long leave. Her dad insisted them to stay in the village, because it will be a different experience for them. So Shilpa agreed to stay back in the village.

A morning in the village

Shilpa: she wake up from the bed and asked her mom to give her coffee.

Shilpa’s mom: Shilpa, you are not a kid now. Prepare the coffee by yourself

Shilpa: mom, what is this?

Shilpa’s mom: do you remember what the temple priest said

Shilpa: mom, he wants to attract us. So he said like that

Shilpa’s mom: ok, but in case if it happens what will you do? Everyone will scold only me as I have not trained you to prepare at least a coffee.

Shilpa: mom, you are speaking like a filmy mother

Shilpa’s mom: whatever it is, prepare the coffee by yourself. I have to prepare the breakfast too.

Shilpa: ok, but remember I will report this to dad

Shilpa’s mom: you can do that but I won’t change.

Shilpa: Shilpa has prepared coffee for herself unwillingly. Then she said she is going out for a walk

Shilpa’s mom: ok Shilpa. Then her mother remembers about the dressing style of Shilpa. So she rushed to the Shilpa’s room and asked her what she will wear?

Shilpa:  mom, jogging suit

Shilpa’s mom: no just wear an ordinary salwar kameez and go wherever you want

Shilpa: Shilpa laughed loudly and said mom, you are asking me to wear salwar for jogging.

Shilpa’s mom: Shilpa, please keep in mind that this is village and not your city.

Shilpa: ok ma, don’t get angry. I will wear only salwar kameez. Then she moved from her house for a walk

After she spent 10 minutes in walking, she thought she can move on for jogging now.

The moment she started her jogging she saw virender there. So she moved near to him and wished him good morning

Virender: on hearing her voice, virender smiled at her and said good morning. Then he said after my college days, you are the first person to say good morning to me

Shilpa: why? Your parents won’t say good morning to you

Virender: They were not educated. Only my father has completed his primary school education

Shilpa: oh, I am sorry.

Virender: don’t say sorry. I just remember that after a long time someone is saying good morning to me. That’s it. Then tell me, do you like the village.

Shilpa: I couldn’t say exactly but it is completely different from the city.

Virender: you will like our village. Just you have to spend more days here. Then he asked Shilpa have you visited the Devi ma temple here?

Shilpa: we have visited an old temple, which is at the entrance of the village. But I didn’t visit the Devi ma temple.

Virender: If you like to go then please visit the temple today at 6P.M because today is an auspicious day and also a full moon day. Our elders have said that it will be good if we worship god on full moon day.

Shilpa: ok I will go today


Shilpa: she was wearing a saree for the first time and came out of her home.

Shilpa’s mother: her mother was feeling happy as Shilpa said she will go for the temple today. She also accompanied with Shilpa.

Shilpa’s mother instructed her to go inside the temple. She will join with Shilpa after buying the flowers from the shop for puja.

So Shilpa walked inside the temple. There she saw virender. So she asked him

Shilpa: Are you following me?

Virender: smiled and said not at all. I have told you already that today is a full moon day. So I came here and moreover today is my birthday.

Shilpa: oh, sorry. Happy birthday Sarpanch sir

Virender: both virender and Shilpa smiled together.

Shilpa’s mother enters into the temple. There she saw Shilpa and virender together.

On seeing them she thought they both are made for each other. She got this feeling when they meet virender for the first time in his house. But she didn’t reveal it to her husband.

On seeing her mother Shilpa moved away from virender. Virender, Shilpa’s mother and Shilpa prayed together in the temple. Then they met an astrologer in the temple. The astrologer asked virender about them. After few minutes, the astrologer called Shilpa’s mother. Please come to my home, its next to the temple.

Shilpa’s mother: ok pandit ji, I’ll come with Shilpa.

Pandit ji: no. she can stay here. I want to talk to you personally. I need only 10 minutes.

Shilpa’s mother: ok pandit ji. Then she asked Shilpa to stay in the temple. She requested virender to take care of her daughter till she returns from pandit ji house.

Virender: ok, just take your time madam. Then he started talking with Shilpa.

Shilpa’s mother reached pandit home which is near to the temple.

Pandit: please come in.

Pandit: have you fixed your daughter’s marriage?

Shilpa’s mother: not yet pandit ji.

Pandit: then the time has arrived for her marriage

Shilpa’s mother: pandit ji, what are you saying? I couldn’t understand anything.

Pandit: if you don’t mistake me then I will suggest you something.

Shilpa’s mother: please tell me

Pandit: why don’t you consider virender? He has completed MBA and he is also a tea totaller. If he wants he will get a job in the city as well.

Shilpa’s mother: I agree with you pandit ji. But I don’t know whether Shilpa’s father accept this proposal or not.

Pandit: I am the eldest person in this village. I am going to tell a story to you now. But I don’t know whether you will believe it or not?

Pandit: 40 years before two families lived in this village. Both families are equal in status, caste and religion. So the elders in both the families want their children to get married. But unfortunately

Shilpa’s mother: what happened?

Pandit: some of the family members who were greedy in nature have given poison to their children’s. The culprits thought that if they kill their children’s then they will get their wealth. But that doesn’t happen in the end. Their parents have donated their family properties to this village. After their demise their house has been converted as a hospital and their wealth has been used for the village developments.

Shilpa’s mother: I can understand their greatness. But what is the connection between Shilpa’s marriage and this story?

Pandit: The two children before their death came to know that they have been given poison. Both make vows that they will get married in the next birth. I came to know these details from their parents.

I have their photos with me. The pandit has showed their photos.

Shilpa’s mother couldn’t believe her eyes as she saw the photos of a girl and a boy who resemble like Shilpa and virender.

Shilpa’s mother: pandit ji, I couldn’t believe this. Though it is true I don’t think my husband will accept it.

Pandit: it’s your responsibility. But if you fix their marriage then the deceased soul will bless you forever.

Shilpa’s mother: ok pandit ji, I will try to convince my husband.

Now Shilpa’s mother and pandit ji is praying god for the reunion of virender and Shilpa.