One is never too young to become a legend but gaurav was just another case of exception. When his mother died he was marely 5 and his father already left them alone exactly two years prior to this fateful event.

One day he was sweeping floor at a local shop when he found a rat half stuck in a tiny hole. It was crying and shouting, people kept passing by at a distance. When no one stopped to hear it’s little screems guarav took the responsibility to save this distressed rodent all by himself. He put his bare hands into the hole and pulled out mouse with all his might. Mouse came out but not alone, it was halfway into the mouth of a venomous black snake who couldn’t wait to slide this poor creature down its’s fierce belly. Guarav didn’t wait a second more. He grabbed the serpent by it’s neck and pulled out the semi concious mice. Then carefully throwing the snake into a nearby water stream, the young boy came back to nurse the mouse. Mouse survived the attack and the people who saw this incident were full of appreciation for this dareing little boy.

By the time he was 9 he was a local hero and the only regional storyteller by profession. According to his personal record, he had rescued uncountable animals, birds and humans from terrible snakes. Every day he would sit by the elevated ground under the big sisam tree and recount an advanture tale about his fabulous snake rescues and people would shower blessings and put money in a mini charity box which he carries along wherever he goes. His days were gay and nights were never sleepless. No doubt he owed his fame to his skill in telling stories that by defeating serpants but his fame as a snake catcher spread all directions known to humankind.

One morning he woke up, as excited as ever, to kick start his that brand new day, he found himself tied in a slithery rope. It didn’t took him long to realize it was actually a snake, a giant spotted devil with the most amazing pattern on its forhead. Guarav got scared, as he was about to call out for help, he realized this will ruin his reputation as a hero. He preferred death to defamation. As the snake crawled up his body and reached his patrified face, he remembered his mother father and god and closed his eyes giving a submissive nod to the approaching death. At that fantastic moment the snake hissed his name next to his ear. Guarav though it was death calling, when after a few seconds snake did not bite, he opened his eyes to find the snake sitting on his bare chest coiled and looking into his eyes. Once more the snake hissed and he could clearly hear it talking to him.

He hid his fear from the serpant but responded in some what squicky shrill voice,” can you talk!”

Snake responded,” yes I can. And I have come from far east to hear your fantasmogorical tales. Are you the famed story teller ?”

Poor little boy had no idea of what was happening. Managing to show some courage while still fearful of the deadly creature, he answered, “Yes, indeed. Tell me what would you like to hear. ”

Snake said, “very well then I can wait till I hear one of your famous tales and then I will kill you .”

Guarave knew it in his heart that snake will still eat him anyway. Seeing no escape from the situation he was in, he acknowledged the time was right to fight a bettle of wits. He told the reptile, ” This could be my last story so I want to narrate it properly following my 3 most important rules. One; instrument to give music to his lore. Two; seat of Guarav’s choice for his audience. Three; he will also enact the story to add realism. Proud snake, driven mad for revenge, agreed to everything Guarav demanded and sat down to hear the story.

While the snake dreamed of killing the young narrator at the end of his story, Gaurav arranged a cane basket for the snake to sit comfortably in the middle of his human audience. People were intimidated by the presence of a giant snake amoung them, but Guarav assured them about their safety. Then he started recounting another imaginary tale… He began with stating, ” far far in distant land there lived a proud snake with large fangs…” He was giving music with a charmers flute which hypnotized the viper, this ensured snake doesn’t hurt anybody.

In the end of the story he narrates, ” and as soon as the snake fell asleep, he shuts the box on it’s head, saying this he too traps the snake in the box. In this way he successfully ensured his and other’s safety. All the people present gave a huge applaud to the live performance of defeating the snakes, which Guarav delebrately staged. Later that day he tied the box extremly tight and left the it in a passing train, perhaps going towards far north. This is how he bid farewell to his archenemy once and for all.

He was feeling proud at how he saved himself from the fangs of death. Everyone saw how bravely Guarav captured the beast. And this act reaffirmed his expertise at snake catching. It was no doubt anexceptional act on his part and people from distant lands invited Guarav to solve their snake problems. Even the great rulers in history called him to their castles to honour his brilliance and bravery. And snakes too started fearing him by his name. He lived the rest of his life in prosperity and ease. But somehow died an unknown death from some sort of poisoning. Some say it was the same viper which took its revenge upon him. But others believe his death to be the consequence of jelousy amoung young masses from his popularity. They reason that no snake had the courage to touch Guarav while he was alive… Nobody could tell certainly about his death though. But one thing was sure, another Guarav was never born again.


  1. Drx. Prashant Singh

    The story you’ve written is an interesting tale of a young boy named Gaurav who, despite facing difficult circumstances, emerges as a local hero renowned for his snake-catching abilities and storytelling prowess. Here’s a review of the story:

    1. Emotional Background: The story starts by establishing Gaurav’s background, with the loss of his mother at a young age and his father abandoning the family. This emotional context adds depth to Gaurav’s character and helps the reader understand his resilience and determination.

    2. Heroic Act: Gaurav’s act of saving a distressed mouse from a venomous snake showcases his courage and compassion. It sets the foundation for his future as a renowned snake rescuer and enhances his reputation as a local hero.

    3. Rise to Fame: The story effectively portrays Gaurav’s journey from being a young boy to becoming a respected figure in his community. His ability to captivate audiences with his storytelling skills and his consistent snake rescues contribute to his growing fame.

    4. Unexpected Twist: The introduction of the talking snake introduces an intriguing twist to the story. It challenges Gaurav’s bravery and reputation as a snake catcher, creating a suspenseful situation that keeps the reader engaged.

    5. Battle of Wits: Gaurav’s response to the snake’s threat by proposing a storytelling contest demonstrates his resourcefulness and quick thinking. The use of his three rules to ensure his safety adds an element of cleverness to the story.

    6. Creative Resolution: The ending, where Gaurav traps the snake in a box after lulling it to sleep, showcases his intelligence and ability to outsmart his enemies. The live performance of defeating the snake further enhances his reputation, and the subsequent disposal of the snake ensures his safety and the safety of others.

    7. Reflection on Life: The story ends with Gaurav’s prosperous life, having gained recognition from rulers and people far and wide. However, his mysterious death raises questions and adds a touch of ambiguity, leaving room for interpretation and speculation.

    Overall, your story weaves together elements of bravery, resilience, and resourcefulness, creating an engaging narrative with a satisfying resolution. The introduction of the talking snake adds a unique twist, making the story memorable and entertaining. Well done!