Hi, I am John. I am a master trainer at a delhi gym. Thanks to my job I can afford to stay in a posh locality and all the neighbors around this place are very beautiful perticularly Maria. When I saw her for the first time, she was bathing her beautiful pitbul. No doubt the girl shared an amazing bond with her dog Mike. I use to watch her taking mike for walk as she passed from the front of my new home. At times she had smiled at me. I know she likes me but people here don’t like me so much. They like men having regular nine to five job in a boring office and turning into hunchbacks with hanging muscles all over them. I can’t really make them like me still it feels sad how children are affraid of me when I am a very soft hearted guy who loves to be around little boys. But I know when they will grow up they too would be idolizing people like me, like in my gym. I have a long list of admirers there.

In my gym many men come to build their strength. Some are from realy good familiesand others from a much tainted background, one guy works in police and another a drugdealer. But for me all are there to learn so I do not bother to discriminate.

One of my big time fan is Gimmy he is a fitness freak friend of mine and sometimes gives me the complex too. Gimmy is telling me to go to the dog fight from several days. He is seemingly influenced by another guy in my gym who himself is participating in the fight with his massive grey pitbull, Tazon. This dog comes to be a victor every single time I don’t know what does he feed him. I told Gimmy that there is no point going because we could totally guess the results so the event wont be that much fun. But he had already arranged the tickets and is very adamant on going, so I’ll have to go along.

We finished workout with a bit of exercise ball crunches that day before packed up. From there we headed straight to arrange some vodka and then to the arena. It was a lonely place when we reached but after 15 minutes of calm, the entire geography of the place changed within minutes. Many muscular men with dragon tatoos crowded the old parking lot turned arena and many more came drifting in to the secluded place located away from the city.

One by one the competitors too arrived with their big hard built beastly dogs. One or two  of them were stupid young boys who showed up with their own pets to show off their strength.  Stupid because they were attached to their dogs and still brought them to a death game, only to carry ashes back to their homes later. And others were giant bearded emotionless hunks who come here every fall for getting major business with dogs bought for the sole purpose of battling. Although I would not dare to generalize or present a steriotypical image that a bearded hunk will always be a bad guy but many are there who live upto fulfilling this image.

I was there like others, only to watch some entertainment at the cost of innocent lives. Inexperienced dogs were biting dust one after the other, yet constantly battling there to proove their iron on their masters commands. Some new trainers blasted in tears at the ruthless killing or wounding of their pet animals during the merciless game. Others were enraged at the death of their hard trained expensive dogs. In the end right before the last battle,  arrived the evergreen victor Tarzon. Perry arrived with him just like a king of the arena. I don’t know if tarzon has ever cheered at the victory, but I am sure he must have cheered at getting out alive, almost everytime. This time he was a bit older than the last time I saw him and his opponent has torn not less then five necks in the same arena that day… But perry was sure of the fifth victory in a row.

Match started with a warm barks between restless warriors. With a drop of a ret cloth the beasts were released from both ends and they pounced at each other like blood enemies. Both were grabbing each other by neck and belly… Scratching the ground with their fierce nails. Not a single one wanted to give up. The match continued for 15 minutes. And the dogs were growling at each other while none seemed tired. But Tarzan unexpectedly lost balance and the other dog grabbed him by neck and finished him within seconds. Blood from his body pumped out and splashed on the terrible face of his owner. Tarzan was lying dead in the most chilling manner. His chest was split open and his blood was fast leaking into the dust underneath.

Not a single man was showing any sign of pity or remorse. Infact cheers ran amoung the people who bid for the other dog that day. I looked towards Perry,  he wasn’t there, he must be finding the defeat hard to digest. We too left the cursed place right then because all the blood made me feel pukish. We decided to give the remaining two tickets to someone else and had our drinks and went to bed.

I still managed to wake up early the next morning following my routine very strictly. But was half in my sleep out of previous nights fatigue. I saw Maria taking Mike for walk and after watching her cute face I forgot the horrible dog fight and sat on chair seeing her pass. I don’t even remember when I steeped into sleep again sitting on the chair but I was startled hearing a sudden cry from a distance. Then I saw Perry pushing himself into a mini wan. As the wan passed I saw Maria sitting in between the road and weeping. I ran towards her, asking what happened to her. But she was unable to recount the incident as if in shock still in tears. I looked around to search for Mike but It was nowhere to be found. I questioned agained what happened to Mike and poor girl broke out in tears. In a bit her family too came out to reach her and Gimmy, who stayed over last night, came there too. He informed secretly that he just saw Perry holding another pitbul dog running away in a wan.

We knew what happned to Mike. I was much disappointed with these people for all their cruelity and heartlessness but by stealing Maria’s innocent dog and pushing him into a deathly battle Perry has made me hate them with all my soul. Now was the time to reach the dog fight with a purpose. There I saw Mike entering the arena, he was scared to sniff blood around and anxious to see so much crowd in a cramped dark place. Mike was a submissive dog and he refused to walk another step and sat down sticking his belly to the ground. Public booed at Perry, which irritated him enought that his hands reached to grab a hunter that he  has often used to apply force on the speechless animals. At this point it was too much for me to tolerate, I too jumped into the arena and took Mike’s leech from ihis fake owner’s evil hands. Though I wanted enormously to punch his hedious face but I already informed my police friend about this. He reached on time to arrest this monster. He made sure Perry legally gets the much deserved punch on his pathetic face for the rest of his time in jail.

I brought Mike home. He was licking all the time I was driving him home. I knew the innocent dog was very greatful to me for saving him. I petted him for a whilPoor dog had dealt so much that he too was joyously crying when reunited with his true owner. He was luckily saved that day but not all are that lucky. It is high time we stop having fun out of other’s pain. It is the right time to search for compassion within us.

No doubt I did it for Maria and Mike. But I really want to ask all the responsible citizen of this prosperous nation, why can’t we just call wrong wrong? Why do we open our eyes towards cruelity only when our family or dear ones become victims of some tragic fate ? My gym training didn’t qualify me to save Mike, it was only the humanity inside me which was triggered when my loved one’s were in danger, made me act in the right way. So one message I would like to pass to everyone reading the story, the only reasonable way to cut crime is to be aware of our surroundings, to stand for the right cause and to do the needful whenever you can help. In this way I believe we surely can build a safer society for everyone.