Every girl has a dream that her soulmate treat her in a beautiful way but it is somehow not possible in my case.

Because the mate I am in love is my step brother…

Its the time when I lost my parents in a car accident and mommy cassendra have adopted me. And the day I landed my eyes on the real son of mommy cassendra I am in love with him.

Eros, he was 18 at that time and I am 16.

But as I am adobted I m going to be his sister.

This year when I will be 18 mommy cassendra will adopt me legally.

If not this I would have thought of giving chance to my feelings but should I do with Eros. Does he feel for me ?

I was interrupted by a manly voice. The he is standing Eros on the door .

“Can you please stop this bullshit ” said Eros in a harsh voice.

“What? What are you talking?” I asked him

“Mom is going to adopt you day after tomorrow. I don’t want you as my sister. I don’t like you . I don’t want to have any siblings.

Go and talk to mom. And for god sake stop this annoying adoption. ” said Eros and slammed the door behind him.

“What did he just said, he don’t want me as sister? Why don’t he go to mommy and have a word directly? ” I thought.

But this is what I want too. I love him I don’t want him as my brother. Should I talk to mom.

Yeah I have too. Let’s give it a try jade” I said to myself.

I left my room and went to mommy’s room she was busy on a call so I waited there for a while when she was done with the call. I started..

“Umm… Mom I want to talk to you.”

“Yeah. Honey say”

“Mom I don’t want to be your daughter. ”

“What ? Honey what happened. You don’t like living here? ”

“No mom no, its not that

I love Eros how can I be your daughter and his sister”

Mom was shocked to see what I am saying.

She was silent.

When I finished.

She just said OK and Hugged me.

“You want to marry Eros ?”

“Umm yesss I want mom please.

OK then let’s do one thing why not you both get engaged ”

I was happy and blushing at the same time and I agreed to this offer.

On my 18th birthday party. Everyone gathered mom’s best friend, my school friends, Eros’s friend. Some of the leaders of province

Mom cleared her throat on mic and said,

Ladies and gentleman I would like draw your attention to an important announcement, I would like you all to meet jade my daughter.. My would be daughter in law. ”

Everyone clapped for me but Eros after listening the announcement was not Happy at all. It was not expected by him.

“I want you all to know that Eros and jade are going engage today”

Mom’s word pierced Eros and he gave me and angry look.

But he has to obey moms order. So he putted ring in my finger. After engagement everyone congratulated us . my friends called me so I went there. When the function was over. I looked for Eros but he was not there. I waited for him .

May be he needed sometime so might have gone to garden. But a day passed he is not back yet.

What has happened to him?

Where he is ?