In order to put the right criminal in front of the nation and removing the tarnish from his and his community’s name, Prem devised a plan. He was observing both of the culprits for some days now and had figured out a type of pattern in their movements.

He observed that every day both of them would split their responsibilities and one of them would go out every afternoon around one pm to get lunch and then would stay inside until four pm and a small boy will bring in tea accompanied with some snacks. After the tea, the second person would go out around seven thirty in the evening to buy dinner. So in totality one of them was alone twice a day. He further observed this a day or two before he was absolutely sure. Now was the time that he devised a good plan in order to catch them together.

So the plan was as follows-

One day when one of them would exit in the afternoon, Prem would follow the person and in between the transit he would capture him by throwing something heavy on his head which will faint him, once fainted he would tie the person in his house and would go back to capture the second one who would open the door as he would be expecting the first one to return with the food. He will capture both of them and then call the police.

This seemed to be a good plan to him, maybe this was his overconfidence, only time will tell whether he will be successful or not.

He decided to execute this plan on a Monday of next week. On the next Monday he was well prepared with all the things to successfully execute his idea and as planned started following the culprit. He knocked him out successfully before the glass window that was in the way and ensured that nobody saw him. Now it was the chance of the second person. As soon as he rang the doorbell and to his surprise, the second person was equipped with a gun which he pointed at Prem. His second half of the plan backfired and now he was in danger. But being courageous he got indulged in a fight with the gunman and a shot was fired, the shot hit the second culprit in the belly and he died on the spot. This was not what he imagined would happen.

Still, he called the police and handed over both of them. He went back to the family in Delhi and was praised for his work. His family was right and his community was proved wrong.

The stereotype that a community is wrong because of a few people is not at all the right thing to do. We must not judge a book by its cover. Prem set an example for every person in the society who thinks that North – eastern or Nepali people will undertake a criminal activity for sure.