This story is about a newly hired servant who is from the north east part of India (Assam) and has come to Delhi in search of work. He was hired by a family of five which includes the husband and wife and their three sons. The events take a rather interesting turn in the middle and end in a positive mode.

First a little history about the servant (Mr. Prem) and the family.

Prem used to live in a small village of Assam with his family of four which included two children and his wife, he used to work as a domestic helper in a nearby restaurant to help his family survive but due to certain misunderstandings with the owner and the other staff members he was thrown out of his job. This time was really tough for him as all his money has dried up and he was in debt for the loans that he took from his friends. Someone from his community suggested him to go to Delhi to find work, apparently, he knew that there is an availability of work in the big city as some of his friends were already working there and were earning good sums. After gathering some courage, Prem left for Delhi in hope of finding a good paying job.

He got himself enrolled in a government employment agency and even received his police verification letter making him the perfect legal candidate to get a job.

Coming to the other party of the story that is the family in Delhi (Khanna’s). Mr. Khanna was an affluent businessman in the town and was doing well in his life. He had a family of five which consisted of his three sons Arjun, Mohit and Ronak and his wife Meera. They had been married for the last twenty – two years and were living happily. Recently they caught their domestic servant stealing from their fridge so they fired him right away and started looking for a new servant for their mansion. They contacted many agencies and even informed the government agency about their requirement, as a result Prem was sent for the job interview as he was a perfect candidate for this job. There were many others who were present there for the interview.

The interviews took about two and a half hours and out of all of them, Prem was selected as he had an advantage of the police letter with him, signifying that he is a trustable person. He was introduced to the driver (which was the other servant of the Khanna family), the family members and a detailed description about the job were provided to him by Meera. Though it was a lot of work, however, he agreed to take up the responsibility as the pay was very nice and he was happy for his family. Plus he was provided with the servant’s quarter to live and all his meal were to be provided by the family. It was a win – win situation for him.