The story is about meena a modern girl with above average intelligence, who went from Delhi to USA to get her master’s degree from a reputed college.

“I can’t do it, it’s really tough”, said meena an economics graduate who was completing her post-graduation from a top university in America

“Try again, you know you can; now stop acting like a child”, said her father Mr.Mukesh who himself forced her daughter to go abroad for further studies

Their mother was the one who has been reluctant to send her daughter in an unknown city but couldn’t say much in front of her husband. Her husband was an open minded professor at a college in Delhi. Meena took accommodation at the college hostel but little did she knew what her room had in store for her.

She was sharing her room with Isabelle who was her classmate as well. They both used to discuss the topics taught in the class before going to bed every day. Everything was going perfectly, they scored well in their semester exams, made new friends until the mid-semester break arrived. Isabelle went to her home in Chicago, same was the plan of Meena but unfortunately her parents had to go to Australia to meet a sick relative leaving Meena on her own in the campus hostel.

Every day she would go to the library, study for a long time and return to her room late in night. But the night of August 27 wasn’t the same, that night she decided to study till dawn and finish a topic she lacked, she looked at the watch and realized that it was three am, tired; she decided to call it a night and get some sleep, but as she was returning from the library to her room amidst the dark corridor she saw a hand like figure in mid-air behind the glass door of the chemistry lab. Being unsure and a little scared as there was no one on campus hostel she decided to run to her room and try to sleep, but could not close her eyes as she was afraid of the hand like structure she just saw.

“You’re hallucinating, nothing else”, was the first line that came out of her father’s mouth after listening and laughing at the incident told by his daughter.

“Don’t keep up till late, try sleeping early” he added

“But you don’t understand, it was really….”she stopped, thinking that her father would not take it seriously again

“Now don’t be a cry baby, concentrate on your studies” was the last line she heard from her father before he hung up the phone.

Maybe he’s right, I should listen to him, and she thought to herself and slept at seven in the morning after the sun came up. The next day she slept early and there was nothing peculiar to notice, she started believing that her father was right about the hallucination part. But all her doubts were cleared when she saw the same figure but this time it was with a body, a black- shadow like figure was seen moving in the corridor by her, frightened at once she ran and hid in the girl’s washroom, she came out nearly an hour after, it was all dark. She was scared to go to her room as she had to cross the corridor.