After searching and investigating for almost another month the police decided to shut down the case as there was no leads found or no suspects were caught. It was a complete waste of resource as well as time. The lead given by the relative of the body also proved out to be false and the person was now nowhere to be seen, though this put a doubt in the minds of the policemen but they closed their doubt with the case file and threw it in their record of unsolved cases.

A few days later, they were forced to re – open the case as they had just been reported another murder case with almost same facts and features. When they arrived at the crime scene they discovered that the murder really took place in the exact same position as well as the same manner. The only difference this time was that a person saw a black van dumping this body at this place when he was roaming off in his apartment’s balcony and got interested in the van which was racing down the landfill where the body was found later.

Though he did not see a face as it was evening time but he saw a tattoo on the arm of the person who threw away the dead. The tattoo was of an animal (leopard) but was not colored and was going from his left arm to the right one. This was a really weird way of having a tattoo on the body and it was not anything like seen before.

It was not long enough before another such murder took place and the body parts were removed too.

Now the police were in a real dilemma, there was nothing to take the case further except a tattoo design that could have been made from any one of the four hundred twenty – two shops in the state. Nevertheless, the police enquired from the shops and one of them gave a lead with the phone number of the person who had a similar tattoo on his arm. On further investigation, the police were left shocked. The number traced to be a big mafia’s worker who was allegedly involved in the illegal trade of body parts in the world. Now the dots seemed to be connecting one by one. The persons being killed were in the enemy’s gang of the mafia (as found in the Interpol database).

After gathering a lot of evidence the only thing that was left was to devise a plan to be able to catch the mastermind and this seriously required a lot of planning as the Mafia was one of the most dangerous ones.

It took nearly a year of careful planning and securing the ideas of his capture, two policemen were killed by his allies but the department did not give up. The managed to get him in a vulnerable situation by putting their men as illegal dealers of ammunition and drugs who were willing to do business with him worth millions of dollars. While the deal was going on a sniper shot the mafia in the head and he was announced dead at the scene. The department was praised a lot as they had not only solved the case but also has encountered a very big problem to the society.