But it was not the end of their surprises. They had brought a tent with them and decided to camp out on the top of the mountain that night and get back down the next day. This idea really lit an adventure fire among the family and the kids too readily agreed to the plan. Their trip was definitely going to be a memorable one.

They had an amazing time trying to figure out the way to put up a tent and then lighting a bonfire to cook their marshmallows over it. The bond was definitely growing stronger with every minute that passed by. Their engagement in family board games and a day away from technology is what they felt was really needed.

So, it was late at night and Steve and Emily were asleep as they were really tired from the long drive which they divided among themselves equally. On the other hand, Lily and Mike were not at all tired and came up with an idea to play a game of hide and seek before they actually went to bed. They went out and Mike started to count and Lily decided to hide, she had the whole place to herself as there was no one except them. She ran quite far and hid behind a big bush, due to the darkness she did not realize that she was inches away from a deep ditch which had vegetation all over it.

As soon as her brother came out with an aim to find her he really got close to the bush she was hiding in and in order to not be caught she decided to go back a few steps and let the darkness hide her trails. But as soon as she took a few steps back she fell in the ditch into the long trees.

When her brother literally covered the whole place in the try to find her but was unsuccessful to he ran back to the tent and woke up their parents and told everything that happened and that she was now nowhere to be found. In reaction, he was served with a fresh serving of scolding accompanied by a slap on his cheek but it was no use to beat him. All of them together gathered to search for Lily and shouted her name really loudly but Lily was not able to hear a single voice as she was surrounded by deep vegetation which covered her ears completely.

Tensions grew and it was the crack of dawn when they gave up their hope of ever finding their daughter again. Suddenly out of nowhere a man carrying their daughter emerged from the woods and handed over Lily to them. They all thanked him very much but were doubtful at the same time as the park had not been opened till that time and the gates were still closed, plus he appeared out of nowhere and was not seen by them the whole time they were camping.

As soon as he handed over Lily he went back to the woods and was nowhere to be seen.

Whatever was that thing it was truly an angel to Steve and Emily and saved the life of their daughter. They will forever be indebted to the angel.