*Rachel’s Point of View* 

I did have another reason to hate Luke. Even if Malcolm l tried to convince me about how I don’t.

Reason 2 was his temper.

I’m not saying that he had anger issues, but the other guys had their ways of saying if they don’t want to do something but Luke was annoying. He has been really aggressive a lot of times and that was why I never really spoke to him that much. After a month, obviously things between me and the boys specially Malcolm, got better but things with me and Luke were still there, slow, raw and dead. I don’t understand how he could ask me out, because I was certainly sure about how he did not even know my age but then again that could also be the reason why he asked me out in the first place, maybe he thinks I’m 17 or something. I was going crazy because in the first place I wasn’t even allowed to have a flirty relationship with one of them and now there’s another one asking me out. One thing I was sure these boys would do and that was make me lose my job.

“Rachel?” A voice got me back to reality.

I looked up to see Luke standing there, “um hey.” I said nervously.

“How’s your day going?” He asked.

“Uh, fine” I smiled uncomfortably.

“Mind if I took a seat?” He said pointing the empty chair next to me.

“Sure,” I replied. If he was being nice, I couldn’t be rude, right?

“So, Malcolm told me what you happened between you two, today” he continued.

I coughed feeling really nervous and uneasy, “Oh?” I questioned.

“Yeah, I mean, its okay…. like I don’t mind whatever you two have been doing lately, so you don’t have to think of that,” he flashed me a smile.

Oh god. He wasn’t letting go of this, now was he?

“Yeah, that’s cool but I’m not ready for a relationship, you know?” I said.

“We don’t have to be in a relationship you know? We can get to know eachother and then see what we can do?” he insisted.

“Luke, I don’t think I’m allowed to,” I simply said.

“Stop naming your insecurities like that!” he snapped.

“Um what?” I gave him a confused look.

“Why can’t you just say that you’re insecure and that’s why you just don’t wanna try?” He rudely replied.

“Really?” I was so mad at him for saying that, “says the guy who gets laid every night and gets drunk only to forget about one person?”

That was enough for me to make h reach his peak. He stood up in a swift moment, “You stay out of that, okay?” he said gritting his teeth, “DO YOU GET IT?” He screamed by kicking the table hard and throwing my cup of coffee at the wall and walked out of the room.

I was a bit scared about his reaction but I knew he wouldn’t do anything to me because he doesn’t want to get dropped by his record label but it was clear that dating him was only unsafe and foolishness.

He really just gave me another reason to not date him.

Reason 3: He was inconsiderate toward others’ feelings.