The roads were completely flooded with water. There was a huge traffic on the roads due to water on roads. Everyone stayed at their home at that day because of the huge inconvenience that was made by rains. No one could move out of the house due to water logging that rains made the previous night. Some of the students managed to go to their respective schools and colleges by walking or bicycling but all went in vain. They returned back to their home because all the colleges and high school in that city were closed due to rains. When the students of my apartment returned back empty handed from school and colleges. They had a huge smile on their faces and declared that day as, “Rainy Day”. And that is why there is holiday on the occasion of rainy day. They started celebrating it as a festival.

I asked them what the matter is. Among one of my friends Harshit replied very quickly that, “Due to rain the roads are logged by water and no mode of transport is working, and also the communication lines have failed; the schools, colleges and the offices are closed today.”

It is off today! That is why we are celebrating it as a festival.

“Come join us,” said Harshit.

Also i was a fresher. I was listening to them. I thought I also have a holiday today. And all my friends made me believed so. I was unaware about the guidelines and norms of that company because i joined there recently. That is why I didn’t got ready that day for the office. I was really excited because I had off that day!

“Why are we not celebrating it?” I said.”

So we started making pakodas and sweet dishes in the room itself and started chit chatting with each other.

It was still raining so heavily in the morning but by the evening the speed of rain came to a slow pace. So, we started to go outside the house and roam around the city and see how beautiful it looks.

We all wore raincoats and each one of us took an umbrella and moved outside. The wind was so chilled. It was like that we are at some hill station. It was so cold outside. Among one of my friends was amit who was very notorious. He suggested that we should visit my office because it was near to the market and we were roaming in the market itself.

I agreed on that point and said let’s move and see my office. Deep in my thoughts i was thinking that it will be closed due to rains.

Amit replied don’t worry bhaiya! We will see your office from the outside only.

And i said yes we will go and see it. As soon as we reached my office I saw that lights were glowing inside the rooms of the office. I could see the lights in the daylights because it was dark outside due to clouds. I paused and thought for a while how could it happen? Then, the thoughts keep roaming around my mind that lights might be switched on due to the security reason. It might be possible that there should be one or two security guards appointed for the security only.

When i stepped inside the office i was tranquilized to see that every employee was working. I went into a big trauma that how could it happen? Then one of the workers from the office went to the manager of our office and gave him the news about my presence.

The manager called me and said can you tell me the reason behind the late coming of you at your office. I was in a still. I could barely utter a word. Slowly, in very low tone i thought today is the rainy day…!

What? How? The manager of the company was shocked when i answered his question. I continued by building my courage and said sir! I live in an apartment where below my apartment lives college and high school students. When they return back from the schools and college respectively i thought that today might be a holiday. They confirmed my query by saying that all school colleges and offices are closed due to heavy down pour. That is why i granted today as a holiday and was enjoying my day. When i crossed my office after visiting from the market the lights were on so i came inside just to check it and conform it because the lights were glowing inside the office.

In between all this everyone was laughing very hard. When I turned my face around I saw a lot of my colleagues were standing just behind me.

The manager of the company replied there is no such rainy day in the office. And it cannot happen in future too.