But all of them were quite smart and somehow managed to open the closed gate with the help of the window. They silently moved away from the house towards the pitch black forest. Today was the night that was expected to be the most active one, many rituals and spells were to be performed.

When they entered the forest they could hear voices from far away that are from deep in the jungle as well as see some moving lights like fire. Mallik started recording through his secret camera in the button of his shirt. They walked for at least a kilometer into the forest when they witnessed their first ritual, it was a black magic spell that was being performed by two half naked men who were praying in front of a red painted skull. This did not excite them too much as they were sure to find something more exciting.

So they continued walking, they encountered various villagers who were reading spells near the holy fire and were trying to contact with the dead or the spirits but the last one was the one that really shook them, it made them think that would they be able to reach their home alive after witnessing such a thing. What they saw was at the end of the dark forest, two men were sitting near the fire reading some spells or ‘mantra’, at first it looked completely normal just like the ones they have seen so far but suddenly it completely changed. One of them started acting weirdly, he ran his hands through his hair scratching his head in a violent way. Soon the three of them realized that he was being possessed as they have seen this kind of happenings in the past too, not long after they concluded his possession the possessed man became violent and attacked the other person sitting next to him resulting in his death. All of them ran at their top speeds from the point but were being chased by the possessed man. Anil, the person who suggested this place tripped on a rock and fell to the ground before his friends could do something to get him back up the possessed came running and attacked Anil too. Seeing the dead body of their close friend both of them ran and straight went to the car and started it to leave the place. They reversed in full speed and fled the village in the middle of the night.

Both of them were in complete shock and could not believe what they just saw, they were shaking from fear and crying over the loss of their friend but kept on driving.

It was truly an adventure for them but nobody knew that it would be the last trip for one of them. Now they knew the reason for the lack of information about the place as they were not able to explain what they just saw and experienced and even if they did nobody would believe them.