After a few hours, the sun went back leaving them driving in complete darkness as the village was twenty kilometers from the entrance and the road was not in a good condition so they had to drive really slowly. After almost half an hour they reached their destination and rented out a small house made out of hay and mud. They pretended to be asleep the whole time as the villagers did not allow anybody be it local or tourist to go out in the forest after seven in the evening. As soon as they saw that the villagers went to sleep they decided to go out and explore in the dark.

It was around midnight when they started their walk from their house towards the dark lightless forest which seemed to be spooky. Thay walked to big lengths in order to find something worth recording but there was nothing significant, the village was completely silent with the ocassional noise of animals and insects, it looked like the whole village was dead and they were the only people alive walking.

Soon they reached back to their house and realized that they were completely mad and missed a really important day. It was ‘no moon’ day tomorrow and it is quite famous that all the black magic or rituals happen in completely black even without the light from the moon, so they slept hoping tomorrow would be a great day and they would record a ton of footage of different beliefs. The next morning they woke up to find the villagers waiting outside their house, as soon as they opened the door they all were pushed back into their house by the angry villagers, apparently the people found out hat hey were roaming around in the restricted hours as there were footsteps coming in and out of their house that were still wet due to the rain that occurred at night.

The angry people sat and talked to the three adventure-seeking guys who were completely new to the village community. They were told that there have been many cases/accidents encountered by the villagers before they made this rule, apparently a tiger used to roam their land in the dark hours and would attack anything it saw moving, there have been more than twenty deaths because if the carnivore i.e. why they were warned to stay inside. The three found themselves really lucky that they survived the night despite being outside but they must not take life for granted and be careful.

The present day was the no moon day and the sky was completely black with not even the light from stars, all of them were very excited as they were hoping that they would be able to witness and record the rituals in the first person and present it to the world revealing the secret of the rumoured haunted village. They were eagerly waiting for the sun to set, but this time the villagers had another plan. To make sure that they did not leave their house the villagers gathered around their house at six thirty and locked their house from outside restricting their escape.