His daughter who was watching all of this from a gap at first didn’t realize what to do. But when her father joined a job she knew exactly what her responsibilities were. Secretly without telling anybody, she applied for placement from her college and even gave a few interviews in top companies as she was the topper of her college. She would go to the job every day without telling anybody except her mother who found out the company’s appointment letter when she was going through her daughter’s bag. That day her mother really cried her heart out as she never expected her daughter to work for earning her own marriage money, she felt as if she completely failed at the job of parenting.

Before she could tell her husband Radhika stopped her as she wanted to surprise her father one day. The two years were a complete mess of her life. She was going to complete her post – graduation from a reputed distance learning enabled college and was going to the job too. But her father only knew the post – graduation part. After her job contract was complete and she had earned enough for her marriage she told her dad to take an off one day and spend time with her. Her dad agreed to it and took an off from his work where he was now the team leader and had a rise in his salary as well as position and had now started to save.

Radhika took him to lunch and while returning home when they stopped for desert told him about her job, her earnings etc.

This news hit him as a rock and he couldn’t believe what he just heard. Tears rolled out of his eyes as he never expected this to happen, he had seen a bright future for his daughter, a grand marriage, lots of functions, cars etc. which has all boiled down to a situation where his daughter had to earn herself for her marriage. He cried a lot but somewhere was happy as his daughter had grown up to be very considerate and responsible for understanding the situation and act accordingly. Her daughter soon opened her first company and had her name listed in Forbes magazine under youngest entrepreneurs.

Among all these years one thing changed, now her father motivated her, even more, to work hard and achieve new successes, marriage was a word that she had not heard from her father’s mouth since. Though she never wished her father to go through this much to understand the importance of education in one’s life especially a girl but now seeing a changed father is what made her happy.

This conservative thinking to marry a girl as soon as she is out of school or college is what is needed to be changed if we really want to change the society as a whole. Women deserve equal opportunities as men and too has a right to decide for herself, forcing will only spoil your relationship.