This story is of three childhood friends Anil, Mallik, and Shah. All three of them are very adventurous and have been on a number of trips together to many adventurous places. This was a trip that was about to change their lives forever.


All of them were of working class and when they noticed the extended weekend holidays they were tempted to have a break and take a road trip to someplace where they can relax as well as have an adventure. Anil was the first one who called his friends and told them about the opportunity to have a short weekend road trip.

It was the night of 5th December when all of them gathered at Anil’s house to discuss the potential road trip. They had a lot of conversations about the places where they can visit for the short trip, all had different suggestions but when Anil suggested a trip to a remote village on the north side of the country all of them happily agreed. The village was famous for its satanic rituals as well as other black magic spells and celebrations. There was not much information available about it on the internet as a lot of people would never visit such a place due to the fear of the unknown. This was the exact reason they all decided to pay a visit to the place as it would have a lot of adventure and a lot of things that were to be explored.

The day of 23rd December was decided mutually as it was followed by Christmas and then a Saturday and Sunday, these dated totally suited them as they didn’t have to take a leave from their office. They began the journey in the morning at five am since the village was a bit far they estimated nine hours of driving which they would divide among themselves equally. The first seven hours of the journey went by really quickly when one of the friends was driving the other two were napping and the same happened when the drivers changed, this lets all of them complete their sleep as they planned not to sleep when they reached the haunted village.

The first problem arose when the village was just hundred kilometers away and their car’s tire burst despite being a new one, this was just the beginning of their problems. They blamed the road for this accident and quickly replaced it with the new one and continued driving. After approximately one and a half hour, they reached their destination.

The village was an isolated one which was covered in dense vegetation and big trees which were hard to see through, they themselves went by the entrance at least three times but were unable to see inside until one of the locals told them to drive through the plants. It was really scary as there was no light source inside, the only light was the sun that would be gone soon enough at sunset but this was what he had come to experience.