But when she heard footsteps even in the washroom she lost her emotions and started crying. With the help of her phone flashlight, she somehow managed to get out of the cubicle and dashed as fast as possible for her towards her room. She quickly went inside and bolted the door really strongly and even put a chair in front of it just to make sure that nobody enters. The thing that she forgot about was that she was dealing with a potential spirit and they could not be stopped by simple bolting or obstructing their path.

Soon after some time there was knock on her door. This knock really scared her to the core, she did not want to open the door as she knew that she was all alone in that hostel building and everyone else was on a holiday. The knocking grew stronger and stronger with every passing minute and it stopped suddenly, this really surprised her. That night was the worst one she ever experienced in the college but somehow slept after crying.

The next morning she straightaway went to the principal and told her everything she saw the night before, the principal too did not believe her and told her to grow up. After she was rejected help from almost everybody present on campus she decided to take the matter into his own hands. A few days she sat in the chemistry lab where she saw the figure originally what she observed really shook her. The figure was not at all a spirit. It was a foolish prank played by the students of the hostel in the other wing who decided to have a little fun and ended up scaring an Asian girl.

After knowing all this she decided to take revenge from them and haunt them too. What she did really make the students shit their pants. As soon as she would notice the students entering the building to upload new noises and projections into the projector she would dress up in a white saree and hold a candle in her hand and many time run across hallways wearing metals. Every time one of them would notice this and but not tell to the others due to ego issues, seeing her plan fail she decided to play one last move. It was a dark night in the college with lightning and rain. This was the perfect atmosphere for a spirit. She dressed in complete white and opened her hair to cover her face completely, next; she went to their wing and started roaming around. Being scared when they all gathered in a single room and locked it from inside BOOM! Surprise, she was already sitting in the same room.

The students apologized to the ghost and went to their knees in doing so. From then till the beginning of the classes for the next semester she did not see any other such thing nor did she see any of the students that were pranking her.