It was the golden wedding anniversary of my grandparents. We were going to celebrate it in their huge house.

Some of my cousins and decided to meet at the role my house and plan a play. I was to play the grandmother in it. It suited me very well but the only problem was my black hair. We could buy the wig, but wigs are very costly, nowadays, nowadays.

On the day of the celebrations, there was a great hustle-bustle in the house. I was loitering in the garden when the postman brought in a parcel. It was addressed to – ”Miss Vrunda Patel.” It was my name and I opened it with a thudding heart. Lo and Behold! It was a white wig.I was really happy and thanked my stars as now I would really look the character I was to play. I thought of taking everyone by surprise at the celebration.

When the celebrations started, all my uncles and aunts had already gathered. We were introduced to everyone in the family. There was one austere lady, namely, Aunt Vrunda, we were all afraid.

As the play started. I stepped onto the stage. Simultaneously, there was a cry of bewilderment from the audience.

“Good gracious! The child has got my wig!!”

I was taken back by surprise and was feeling nervous. After the play was received over sky-high praise, but my mind was racing back to the cry. From amongst the crowds, the angry lady emerged and started enquiring about the wig. She was the one and only Aunt Vrunda.

I had by now realized that it was her parcel opened and not mine. I had forgotten that was not the only Vrunda Patel in the household. The wig had been ordered by that great lady and she had been angry she had not received it. She had lost her hair in a terrible accident and needed a wig for this occasion.

I still feel like a dumb fool and sometimes bit amused at the thought of this memorable celebration with Aunt Vrunda.