A normal day in secondary school. The teacher came into the classroom in the morning to conduct the very first lecture of the day. The teacher came with an empty glass jar. After watching that jar in the teacher’s hand students start whispering and predicting why the teacher had come with that jar in his hands. The teacher starts the lecture with the question “What do you think why I came with this jar?”. Students replied to the teacher with various responses. Then the teacher filled that jar with sand and asked students, was that jar full? Students replied ” Yes sir!” Then the teacher again emptied that jar and filled it with small stones and again asked the same question. Students replied again the same. Then for the third time also the teacher emptied the jar again filled it with the big stones and asked the same questions again. This time students replied some of the area is left empty. So the teacher taught them a lesson giving reference to that situation that you should give priority to such things which are so much important in your life. First, you should complete those things which are literally important. If you first filled jar with sand which is least important things, there will be no space for the big stones or the things which are more important in your life. So at first give priority to most important things then to less important and after that to least important things. Prioritize things in your life as per their importance in life. If you do so, you will be able to successfully complete your tasks. You will easily be able to achieve your goals and dreams when you start prioritizing things in your life. This life lesson given by the teacher is going to help students a lot in their future.