The alarm echoed through the walls, loud. She woke up, not used to the silent mornings. Rubbing her eyes she slowly opened the curtains to see. Again She woke up after the sun disappeared. It wasn’t morning. Walking into the hall, she sat down with the fresh coffee that she had just made. It was uncomfortable for some reason. Being alone was something she still did not get used to.

She was someone who always had friends. Surrounded by loud noises, always happy. She was hurting inside, to the point the tears were unstoppable. She turned the lights in the hall searching for her spectacles. She opened a book, and reading clears her head. A Polaroid fell out. It was a happy photo of her friends when they were in their second year. Two years passed in a jiffy, but now the time seems still.

Suddenly, heard knocking on her door. The knocking wasn’t even an option when they were here. She got up and opened the door, only to see her brother with his hands wide open. She jumped right into his arms and started crying.” it’s ok kid. It’s ok” he said. Nothing could make her feel more warm. She still has someone to lean on.

“I want to visit them,” she said. He looked at her for confirmation. She couldn’t do it then, and she still wouldn’t do it now. “Let’s go,” he said.

they went to the beach and sat down. She used to love the ocean, the waves, and their sound. it was their frequently visited place when they were together. Until the same sounds along with the screams echoed in her every time she saw the waters. Somehow, the sounds calmed her and put her into a deep slumber.

This time she woke up to the loud noises of friends. They were happily running together on the same sand, hand in hand. Excited by all the sudden laughter, she ran fast along with them. Yet, There was no one holding her hand… She halted abruptly, turning back to see her friends waving at her. She knew they were telling her to go back. Back into reality and facing the world again. She did want to move anymore, this was a dream. But still, it made her feel better. They ran together pushing her into the waters. She woke up. The golden rays of the sun gleamed upon the ocean, dispersing the darkness of the night. Illuminated by their radiant warmth, her face lit up. She knew. Smiling, she climbed back into the car and headed home, prepared for a fresh start.


  1. Alok Jena

    “The Silent Sands” is a touching story about a person who feels sad and alone. They miss their friends and struggle with their feelings. But then, their brother comes to visit and comforts them. Together, they go to the beach, which used to be a happy place. The protagonist has a dream where their friends are with them, making them feel better. When they wake up, they feel hopeful and ready to start anew. It’s a beautiful and heartwarming story that teaches us about finding comfort and moving forward.

    Features of “The Silent Sands”
    1. Emotional Depth: “The Silent Sands” go through into the complex emotions of
    loneliness, longing, and healing. It explores the protagonist’s inner struggles,
    allowing readers to connect with their journey on a deep emotional level.

    2. Descriptive Imagery: The story skillfully employs vivid descriptions to paint a
    clear picture of the surroundings and evoke the atmosphere. From the silent
    mornings to the golden rays of the sun illuminating the ocean, the imagery
    enhances the reader’s sensory experience.

    3. Symbolism: The story effectively utilizes symbolism to convey its themes. The
    ocean and waves symbolize both comfort and trauma, while the sunrise represents
    new beginnings and hope. These symbols enrich the narrative and add layers of
    meaning to the reader’s interpretation.

    Overall, “The Silent Sands” is a compelling story that combines emotional depth, descriptive imagery, and powerful symbolism to convey a message of resilience and hope. It engages readers with its well-developed characters, thought-provoking plot, and evocative writing style, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.