One day I started to run, run as fast I could because I couldn’t see the light and couldn’t stand in the dark. All that I could recollect is that I was taken into the emergency room at the hospital. I was able to hear the doctor yelling “get her to the ICU now, quickly”. For a fact I knew that I was not going to see my family and friends again. I was able to feel my soul leave my body. My whole life flashed right in front of my eyes , it was painful and I couldn’t take it but that’s when the miracle happened because that is when I entered the Wonderland. The land unknown to people other than few in my world. I cannot forgot the view that was in front of me, those enormous trees and mountains and the never ending sea. The whole land was covered with mist, mist that gave me the chills. I had already developed a cold feet and my hands were numb. Little did I know if I was fortunate or cursed. I didn’t why I had ended up in that island, who put me there and how I was alive. I thought I was dreaming about it so I slapped myself and that hurt it my sound funny but that helped me realize that I was alive . I was scared because it was very quiet and as far I could see there were only trees and land . I was curious to know more about the island so I mustered up my strength and courage and started to move towards the inside of the island. I couldn’t escape the island because apparently the ship through which I might have reached the island was broken and the parts were floating. I was covered with a lot of wounds and mud. I carried a broken piece of iron from the ship with me hoping that it might become handy. When I started to move I could sense the presence of someone watching me but when I turned around and checked the sides I couldn’t find anyone or anything.