In the beginning when it was me everywhere

Hopping like a rabbit in the darkness here and there

Free from the wish of love

Free from the wish of sleep

Tied with knot of loneliness

And the power of doing everything with ease

It was then me who corrupted the mighty darkness

So that I could fulfill the mission that will, Cease

The fear overtaking every time I breath

The fear of living forever like an immortal king

Whose empire is nothing but some pieces of rocks and sin

But I overtook that fear and crawled to that light I created

Which was new to me but which strengthened my power

And then I created the mankind walking below my knees

Like those insects which crawl and a man crushes them like a torn paper piece

But day by day my creation went vain, which hit me like a tornado or a heavy wave

Arising me from the dark sea of power and I realized it was me who went vain

Now I ve left my creation, shattering each other’s blood like a game

But who are they to be blamed

As it was me who created them with anger and thoughts that had gone vain.

— Sayed Tazeem Haider