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As Varun walked away from Sara, he was smiling. He had made up his mind, he would not let her go like that. He started his planning.

Sara watched Varun walk away and felt lonely all of a sudden. She knew this was just a one night thing but now her heart was craving for more. She walked towards her hotel where her friends were waiting for her. they were all pretty hungover from last night so no one even asked Sara about her last night. Whereas Sara was dying to tell about her magical night but she too quietly started packing.

All of them sat in the taxi and reached airport. Their flight took off and landed in Dehradun. She reached home to find a shock. Her parents told her that a family is coming to see her.

‘You are 26 now, you are post graduate with a good job. What else do you need to do know?’ asked her mother.

Sara could not argue with her mother. She had no good reason to defend her decision of not meeting some random guy. What could she say? That she met and fell in love with a guy who she knows nothing about. Not even his name!

She slept with a heavy heart with memories of that night. She got up early, had a bath and got ready for the Special Day. She heard the doorbell ring, her parents welcomed the family and called out for her. She entered the room with a tray of tea and snacks. She placed the tray on the table and bowed to touch the feet of her supposed mother in law and supposed father in law. When she turned to look at her supposed husband she was shocked.

It was her mystery guy. It was Varun. She was too surprised to speak and everyone burst into laughter. Her friends came in laughing from behind. They took both of them to the balcony.  There she came to know that Varun had followed her to her hotel. He took her parent’s number from her friends and had arranged all this. Her friends left them alone.

He got up and came down on his knees. Took a ring and slipped it in her fingers and said ‘I am never letting you go’.