As Rohit sat in the balcony of his house in a quaint neighborhood, enjoying the gentle breeze that flowed. He held in his hand his report card that was celebrating an A grade on it. While enjoying this, his eyes caught sight of a beautiful girl passing by in the street below. Her radiant smile and infectious laughter caught his attention instantly. She was accompanied by her friend and as she saw up towards him they both knew there was a spark between them. As she walked by, she would turn again and again to see him.

Days turned into weeks, which turned into months. Rohit was becoming uneasy, he wanted to know everything about her and whatnot.

It was the first of April and a new journey at the school, The career-defining stage. As he boarded the school bus he could hear the chirping sounds of the new

students and kids meeting their friends after a long break.

At one stop a couple of girls climbed and Rohit as usual was engrossed in one of his novels which he could not complete over the summer break.

“Guys can you shift a bit so that we can sit”, came a voice from behind. That sounds familiar, was it- was it her? Yes sure it was her.

He looked behind as she sat on one of the benches of the school bus.

He turned to his friend and asked him who she is and what is her name.

His friend knew nothing about her and said maybe some new admissions.

As they all got off the bus, she went walking with the juniors and vanished in one of the corridors.

Turned out she was in 10th grade a year junior to him.

As the school bell rang he hurried himself into the classroom and settled there. He was in the science and Math section as Biology was not his game. As days passed by he would try to enquire more about the girl and turned out her name was Nisha. He never got the strength to confront her and before he knew he was in 12th grade preparing for the board Examinations. Finally, there was an event that had the opportunity for him to get to talk to her. It was the prom night arranged before their class’s farewell. But as you know when things can go wrong, they will go wrong. Turned out he went and did ask her out for the prom, but she said she was already asked by another person, and she had said yes. He asked who it was and turned out one of his nemeses.

He was so damn hurt he started abusing him which led to a violent output. They both were detained and sent home early, while being sent to their home, the girl came and asked him why did he fight, he said because I like you and couldn’t let anyone else take you.

She told him, “ If this was the case, then he should have been man enough to ask her out earlier, and she also said she kept waiting for him too”

With all this happening, this chapter of his life seems to come to an end with her. Years passed by there was still some level of affection there for her in his heart until he fell in love with another woman at his workplace and planned to settle with her.

Soon they were married off and lived an amazing life until their 80s one day his wife passed away silently in her sleep. Rohit was too soon admitted to a hospital in his hometown. He called the doctor and asked for finding out about Nisha and if she was alive then he would like to meet him.

After a lot of searching, Nisha was finally found and brought to meet him.

Rohit said,” I may not be man enough for you but you are a beautiful woman, see you on the other side” and he tightened his grip so strongly and passed away…

Leaving Nisha with tears in her eyes.