Daniel’s POV

“Bell rings”

Ahh man finally today’s classes are over. Boring lectures, gods!

“Hey Daniel why are making that face? Didn’t you enjoy the class?”

“Go on mock me….”

“I was kidding, come on let’s drink something and let’s go home today was tiring”

“Sure, come let’s go”

We both drink coffee and part our ways. I start walking towards the bus stop. Today the bus stop is empty unlike the other days. I sit there and putting my earphones on I start watching movie knowing that the bus won’t come for next half an hour. Suddenly I hear something……something sweet, I rise my head check what it was and there she was standing, dark brown eyes, her wavey and long hair matching the color of her eyes, her symmetric lips, brighter than strawberry and her yellow midi making her look like some fairy tale princess who is in search of her prince charming……

“I’m the one”

“Uh…what? I was asking about the bus. I wanted to know when would next bus arrive and would that go to M.G. colony?”

“uh” oh you dimwit stop drooling “ah the next bus won’t arrive for next 20 mins and yes it’ll go your specified place so don’t worry.”

“Thank you” she smiles. Damn her smile what was that, who is she? Did she just land from heaven or what?

I haven’t seen her before I guess she’s new here. Who is she!!!!!?

“Hello miss, ummm I haven’t seen you before anywhere nearby this place are you new here? Again, you need not answer sorry to bother you.”

“no it’s ok, yes I’m new here, I guess you go to G.B.B college?”

“Yeah, how do you know?”

Aurora’s POV

How do I know? I was just drooling over you in the class today look at you how handsome you are beautiful beyond the words. The moment my eyes fell on you, it felt like I had reached into a world of fairy tale. Those dark brown orbs and that stare with which you observed made my heart skip a beat. You looked ethereal. When I looked at you, I didn’t want to unlook you again. The way your body is built, those muscles and firmness in your figure made me gulp. He was like a dream come true. His nicely built shoulders and neck, with the sharp jawline that was highlighting his face so much more. It looked as if he was Aphrodite’s favorite art. Miraculous!

“I saw you in the class today, I am in the same class as you.” I simply said eating away all the thoughts I was having. As I was talking to him, I heard a familiar sound, I turned around to find my mom on her scooter coming towards me. “Well I guess it’s my time to leave, mom came” I said

“OH cool then meet you tomorrow”