I woke up from my sleep when I heard my daughter calling me. Today is her birthday, and now she is 13 years old, and I do not know how she grew up so fast. She has been asking about her mom for the past five years, but I don’t have the courage to tell the story. But I think now is the time to let her know about her mom. I called her and wished her a happy birthday and told her that I had a gift for her, and I started to tell her the story. Me and your mom were married for like 3 years, but we don’t have a baby. We tried so many ways, but you know God has different plans. Your mom would cry about this all day but she was very sure that she will have a baby one day. She used to feel low whenever she looked at other couples enjoying their time with their children. I consoled her by saying that we would wait for 3 months, and after that we could adopt a baby and raise it. One day when I was working down, I heard a loud noise from upstairs. I ran to our room and saw your mom, who was sitting on the floor crying really hard. I was shocked, and I asked her what happened. She showed me something, and after seeing that, I started to cry. It was a pregnancy test that came out positive. We both were really happy that we couldn’t even utter a word. We cried for like 15 minutes, and then we went to the hospital to confirm the pregnancy. After we came home, I still remember the words your mom said. She told me, “It’s going to happen. Like other couples, we are going to have a baby, and it is going to play around, and soon there will be toys all around our home. Even if I’m not here, you should take care of our baby and give her everything she wants”. I think she predicted the future. When it was delivery time, the doctors told me that they could only save the baby’s life. I couldn’t digest it, and I don’t know what to do. After that, your mom gave birth to you, and that was when she saw you for the first and last time. She gave you to me and kissed you on the forehead, and she left us. From then on, I started to live with her memories.