On Harshil’s request Gj put the hands into the kitbag only to find out that he had brought the wrong flashlight with him.

“Gj why is it taking so late to light up the Flashlight Bro?” everyone asked in fright.

“I brought the wrong fucking torch!” Gj replied to them all, “This torch requires human power to charge it up and light it. I have to manually trigger the charging mechanism to make it light up.”

“Why in the hell would you bring such a flashlight to a Paranormal Adventure Dude?” Akash asked Gj.

“Because we are living in world of bleeding edge technology, and this is a convenient replacement to the old school traditional flashlight Bro! All I didn’t see coming my way was the sudden Paranormal Adventure that we would go on!” Gj replied in a frustrated manner.

“Guys this is no time to fight! Does anyone else have a conventional Flashlight that they could probably use to light up the place?” Afiyah asked the others.

Trushal removed a flashlight from his kitbag and so did Jay and Ayush, and they all switched their flashlights on to discover remnants of the elderly people who once used to stay there, some in the form of broken bones, some halfway burnt skeletons, and some completely turned to ashes, it was a sight so freaking awful that no one would wish to see it even after they attained salvation. As everyone moved deep into the remains of the old age homes, they could sense fear creeping inside them slowly and steadily, and it actually was bound to happen. It is easy to watch a movie based on such Paranormal Activities, but to go such an adventure by yourself has the risk of even getting back with some serious mental health issues and sometimes not even coming back.

Just as the guys were moving ahead to the room that was still quite similar to what it was originally meant to look like, they heard unusual honking and screeching of car tires on the road, and they all suddenly froze, not a single person from the group moved until Gj noticed a Lady with a white saree on the road, and a major car crash that had happened just at the place where the lady was standing. Gj was completely awestruck, not a single word was coming out of Gj mouth, he was standing there as a mannequin with his mouth wide open.

“What happened Bro?” Jay asked as he noticed Gj’s stature. Gj was still pretty shocked at the things he had just witnessed, Jay went closer to Gj and patted him on his back and asked again, “Gj Bro! What’s the matter?”

Gj remained silent and slowly pointed out of the window to the place where the accident took place, everybody gathered around the window to take a look and saw the Lady in the saree and the accident just as soon as everyone saw what Gj had seen, they all went numb. Gj meanwhile, peed a bit in his pants as he was the first person to witness such a dreadful sight and his first ever live paranormal activity.

While everyone was sitting down there motionless, Harshil was recording all of it on his camera so that he had proof that they visited this place and there was some serious paranormal stuff going around this place, while the scene was being recorded on Harshil’s camera, he noticed something unusual in the footage and stopped the recording. Just to take a look on what exactly had happened Harshil went through the footage and suddenly exclaimed, “Oh Fuck! Were doomed!” and all the attention moved from the accident that had taken place to why in the world Harshil exclaimed.

“There isn’t only one spirit in here Guys! While recording the accident, my camera captured the movement of another spirit that was heading towards us, maybe it has sensed our presence here!” Harshil told everyone, and just as soon as he finished saying all this, everyone lost it all and started screaming and screeching wildly, they realized that they were all in a completely fucked up situation and there was no way out of it.

“Coming here was fucking mistake! It was a fucking mistake! I shouldn’t have agreed to come here in the first place and also get you guys here!” Akash exclaimed in an intense and regretful tone in between all the commotion that was going on among them, “This place has been possessed by evil spirits, agreeing to come here has put our lives on stake! All our lives!!”

“I totally agree with Akash! The plan itself was the biggest mistake that we all did, we all shouldn’t have come here at all. We could have just been at the farmhouse and watched some other movie instead, just like we did yesterday!” Gj and Ayush both replied in one voice.

When everyone was busy creating the fuss, all of a sudden they all heard some footsteps approaching nearby. Everyone was so fucked up that they just hid themselves wherever possible. The footsteps got louder slowly, and they could see a vague figure standing in the center, the figure looked of an Elderly man who would be in his 70’s, the figure was wearing burnt clothes and they all knew for sure that it was the same spirit that was approaching them. On seeing the figure standing so close to them everyone was horrified, not a single drop of sweat came down their forehead.

Everyone was clueless and waiting for the spirit to go away, when Gj stood up and made an attempt to reach out to the door so that he could get out of the freaking place.

“Gj Don’t be stupid!”, everyone said in one voice just as soon as they noticed what Gj was trying to do. But it was too late, the spirit noticed Gj make a move and so it blocked the door with boulders, so that Gj couldn’t exit and it pulled Gj back with Telekinetic force. And this was not the end, just as soon as the spirit made its move, all the electronic devices started to make an unusual frequency and beep constantly, all the street lights started flickering all of a sudden in a very unusual way, and a windstorm began gushing around the area of impact. The place started breaking down into pieces.

The spirit now started dragging all the others out through the spiritual force that he contained in himself and tied them all together and made them levitate in sky, if you think that this was the end of the troubles that the guys were to face, you are all wrong. On seeing all the paranormal activity going on inside the house, the spirit in the White saree also started coming towards them, and the guys now knew for sure that they weren’t going to make it out alive.

“Oh fuck! Oh Fuck!” everyone blabbered as soon as they saw the spirit in the saree come closer. They storm that was going on around the place grew intense as the spirit got closer, everyone was out of their mind, they were all having no idea as to how to escape from the situation that they all were stuck in. The spirits used all their force and started preparing for the great sacrifice that they were to make in order to get back to life and be immortal, and take revenge for all the innocent deaths that the corporates were responsible for.

Just in between all the paranormal stuff that was going on, Jay remembered that the spirits fear the name of the Almighty and so he began chanting, “Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar, Jay Kapis Tihu Log Ujagar.” And as he continued they all could sense the levitation losing its strength and so everyone joined Jay and started chating the Hanuman Chalisa too.

Soon they all were back on the ground, and seeing the spirits having difficulty started to think of some way of escaping the place. Jay, Trushal and Krupali were busy chanting when Ayush, Akash and Gj devised a plan to escape from the place. Akash and Gj made their move out of the place and started pouring out kerosene and holy water all over the place while continuously chanting the Hanuman Chalisa at the same time, they had to be ery careful while doing so as, missing out a single corner or a song brick that was left out would cost them the lives of everyone.

As they were done, Akash screamed, “Guys hurry up, let’s get out of here!”

“It’s not so easy Akash! Don’t be nuts!” Krupali replied.

“Okay, everyone follow my instructions carefully, or you’ll be one of them! On the count of 3 everyone take out any metallic object that you have and point it towards the spirits! Clear?” Akash instructed everyone firmly, “One… Two… and Three!” Just as Akash completed the count, they all had swiss army knives in their hands and pointing towards the spirits.

“Now, continue the chanting Hanuman Chalisa and slowly move towards the window, while Gj and I keep on sprinkling the holy water on the spirits!” he continued. And everyone followed his words and moved towards the window while chanting the Hanuman Chalisa simultaneously.

“Everyone move out, no questions, everyone move out!” he said to the others and then instructed Gj, “Gj bro you have to come out last and constantly keep on Sprinkling the holy water without fail.”

Everyone without any hesitation followed what Akash had told them to do, just as everyone was out safe, Akash asked Harshil to get a wooden stick and a cloth, he tied the cloth to the wooden stick and then poured kerosene on the cloth and lit it on fire, meanwhile Gj did what he was asked to do and had come out of the window too.

“Adios Bitches!” Akash exclaimed and threw the log of wood into the house, and they all watched the place burn down again for the good. Within no time the fire was all over the place and they could see the spirits being consumed by the positive realm of the afterlife.

“Oh Fuck! It was a hell of an Adventure!” Harshil exclaimed as everyone took a sigh of relief.

“We are never getting involved in any plan that you make anymore, you would’ve got us consumed by the evil spirits!” everyone screamed in one voice at Harshil.

“If Akash and the guys wouldn’t have devised the plan we would all be remnants just as we saw when we entered the place!” Afiyah spoke.

Everyone terrified by the encounter, slowly strolled down the Kasara Ghats and moved towards the farmhouse, they all reached the farmhouse just a few moments before Dawn and were all weary, so they went inside and just dozed off. It was noon when they all woke up, the all then freshened up, packed their bags and left the house, they had their final lunch together before dispersing and also vowed that they would come back to the place soon and again have fun, but not go anywhere near the Kasara Ghats again.