Every great story has great characters – and in my life, one such, is my elder brother. I could trace many of the parts of who I am to one of the instances where he inspired me through his words or actions.

In my childhood, when we would play game from chess to cards, he instilled in me the importance of always thinking and doing something different from what anybody would be doing. We would use science – we thought and told we were using great scientific truths (funny now as they were nothing scientific and just common sense) – every time to complete our secret missions. It’s this impulse and endeavour at the moment that has always stayed in my memory. In spite of anything happened, he would make sure to come visit and get together during holidays (he is not my ‘own’ brother – we dont live together) and would discuss everything – I mean everything! From whatever thing that we have feel passionate about. It is when I realised the importance having a meaning conversation with other people. I realised in those discussions that there are so many ways to see the world.

Many years have passed and we have all gone our ways. Everyone have been now busy with their thing. Lately after a long time, he came to visit my University and stayed together in hostel. We were back in that high-spirited-discussions-and-actions mood. He had developed a passion for nature and wildlife, where he says he always had. He aspires to do something for the nature and so for the world at large. He talked about his future plans how he would like to many build a forest (after seeing and getting inspired from some TED video), join the tourism business, and protect many agricultural species that are depleting from the planet. Once again, he did not fail to inspire me. How does he do that! I happily participated in his and promised to share his mission, which I would anytime. I every day when  see someone in need or probably needing inspiration or a gentle push in his life, I make sure to impart some of it that I have received from all the people that have influenced me – by large parts from my brother. I would never be thankful enough for all they have done.