The moon was boasting the shine it had, for it was a full moon night but the stars knew that as the night would change, the moon would discover the darkness within him. Showering in the moonlight was sitting solitary, my little sister Jane, who was trying to conceal her tears amidst the shine of the stars. Jane was an ambitious girl. She dreamt of becoming a singer and a dancer for which she practiced day and night and filled her memory with music notes. She immersed herself so much into it that she forgot who she was. My dear Jane did not answer when I called her, “Jane? Jane?”, “Honey, are you there?” No answer. Silence ruled the air of the house. All I could hear was a beautiful voice and the poetry of Jane’s footsteps. 

The final day of the performance arrived. Outside the audition hall, she met a strange person who called himself Time. He followed Jane to the audition hall and I saw him sneering at her. I ignored him and took my seat to witness the performance. Finally, her name was announced and she enchanted the whole audience with her voice and the smooth movements of her limbs. After a few minutes I saw Time rising up from his seat and stepping up on the stage. He whispered in Jane’s ears, “follow my notes and my footsteps, Jane.” She refused and continued. After a while, I saw Time scattering broken pieces of glasses all over the stage, and using his hands, he choked my dear sister. I shouted! But neither Time nor a single soul among the audience responded. They could not see Time, they could not listen to what he whispered in my honey’s ears. Jane stopped, her voice choked, her feet smeared with blood, but not a drop of tear in her eyes. We went home, the night displaced the daylight. Jane went upstairs, I called her, “Jane! Listen Jane!” She answered in her broken voice. She said, “Everything that I had ever imagined myself to be, just disappeared as if it was nothing but a mere dream. As a world which disguised itself as the reality, but it just took a second to open my eyes and the world diffused into the air and transformed into nothing but smoke in the air which vanished as candles extinguish when the air blows.” The sky was silent and so was I. The sounds of her sobbing were reminiscent of that innocent night when these eyes resolved to dream. 

That night was beautiful as it was intoxicated with the full moonlight. But the night has changed now. The stars and the moon are conspiring against the night sky as the stars became the eyes and the moon turned itself upside down to make the sky look like a sad face. I left Jane alone, as I thought the night would be her best companion. The night lost the moon, Jane lost her innocence. The night sky was the victim of the conspiracy of the moon and stars, Jane was the victim of Time. The night changed and so did Jane..