There she stood, atop the hill so high,

A familiar sight, as days drifted by.

For five long years, the spot unchanged,

A constant presence, emotions untamed.


When first I beheld her, tears streamed down,

Her anguish evident, her sorrow profound.

And so it began, a daily routine,

She arrived faithfully, her stories unseen.


With each passing day, she carried her tales,

Whispered to clouds, floating on gentle gales.

In laughter and tears, her heart did reveal,

A carefree spirit, emotions surreal.


I, a silent spectator, concealed from afar,

Enthralled by her presence, a silent memoir.

Too timid to speak, content with my role,

I savored her narratives, a story untold.


On her birthday, she appeared with grace,

A basket of bread, a delicate embrace.

Donned in a gown of midnight blue,

Silver threads woven, a sight to imbue.


Her countenance exquisite, dark braid entwined,

Golden eyes gleaming, a beauty enshrined.

What drew her here, I pondered in thought,

The allure of this place, a secret she sought.


In silence, she sat, lost in contemplation,

Gazing at the forest, seeking liberation.

Her somber visage stirred a longing within,

To vanquish her troubles, her solace to win.


As the day waned, she bid her goodbye,

Unbeknownst to me, a farewell in her eye.

She left behind the basket, a note concealed,

“Thank you for everything,” her gratitude revealed.


Much later I noticed, a name on that letter,

A fleeting connection, a memory to tether.

I sighed, perched upon the unchanging hill,

Contemplating the mysteries, time’s gentle thrill.


For in that moment, I finally understood,

That though the surface seemed unaltered, it should.

The change was subtle, a transformation unseen,

A shift within myself, as if in a dream.


She had stirred my heart, awakened my soul,

With her stories and presence, she made me whole.

And as I sat there, lost in thought profound,

I embraced the contemplation, the stillness all around.


The hill remained the same, steadfast and true,

But within me, a world had unfolded, anew.

And so, I lingered there, in silent repose,

Absorbing the wisdom that the hill bestows.


No need for endings grand or fates intertwined,

Sometimes, it’s the quiet moments that leave us refined.

So I remained, atop that timeless hill,

With a heart full of memories, content and still.