At first when I got to know about that I will be transferred to a school in big city from my parents, I was quite reluctant about it.It was not the first time I was changing schools but it was definitely for the first time I was being transferred to a CBSE school in a big city. While coming from a state board school of a town, I was scared about my school life and being introvert and average student ,I knew it was going to be a difficult task for me to survive there. But surprisingly I survived till one year .Now this is my second year in this big school. My section was changed ,only one of my friend was there with me in that class. And there was a girl who was a new admission, I thought to be her my friend because I didn’t want her to feel lonely the way I felt during my initial days. With in few days we became good friends. I got to know with time that She is intelligent girl .I was glad that I now feel I belong somewhere.

It was our lunch break ,my friend came to me and said ,”these girls from the class advised me to not be friends with as you rarely pass in exam and by being with you I will also be same as you.And I being fooled by you as I am new admission “,me and my friend told her that it’s not that case and I am a average student. And she was intelligent enough to know that they were just provoking her to not be friends with me.

I was really furious at those girls ,these were the classmates who were with me in first year and made my school life difficult .I was eager to shout at them .But I did the opposite ,I studied hard for my upcoming exam I wanted to show those classmates that you were wrong about me but more than that I wanted my friend to see that I was not fooling her.

My exam started with in few days ,I did good in my exam .I was impatiently waiting for my result. And the day finally arrived ,our teacher were giving us our answer sheet and My joy was beyond skies as I not only passed in my exam but my marks were definitely more that average student and I topped in my class. When those classmates asked me to show my answer sheet ,they were shocked as I scored more that them.

But I was happy that I didn’t shout at my classmate instead I let my scores to shout at them. And due to that they started to respect me. When I look back to this incident I think that I should also be thankful for them for letting me see my potential. Sometimes silence necessary to let us grow.