This story is of two students Ria and Danny who were unaware of even the existence of each other till this happened.

Both of them were of completely different nature like two sides of a coin. Ria was conservative and shy and did not talk to many people, she was an introvert and kept things to herself. She was very obedient and studios and agreed to all the things her parents told her to do. Whereas on the other hand, Danny was just the opposite, he was an out Vert with loads and loads of friends. He was more into social life and had been to many places with his friends. He was not at all studious and was far away from being obedient. He did not meet his family much as he would often leave at night and come back in the morning. His timings never coincided with the timings of his mom and dad. They (Ria and Danny) both were completely different in their approach towards studies. While Ria cared about her future and studied for long stretches in one go Danny was the son of an industrialist and studied minimal, according to him the efforts put into studying while sitting at a place for long hours were a waste.

They both just finished their class twelfth examination and were awaiting results.

Finally, the day had come when the results were to be declared. Ria was really tensed and scared and to calm herself had been to the temple early in the morning but Danny had returned that morning from partying all night long as it was the weekend and slept, he couldn’t care less about the results. This was showcased in his mark sheet. He barely passed in all his subjects securing an overall percentage of thirty – five percent. Ria, on the other hand, secured an outstanding ninety – seven percent and was happy that her efforts and hard work finally paid off.

The parents of both of them were happy and decided to award their children with gifts. Danny’s parents were happy because they did not expect him to even pass but he did. To celebrate they threw a party at a 5 – star restaurant and called all their relative as well as friends and as a surprise gifted Danny a Royal Enfield Bullet along with an Audi Q3, they also booked him a package of Europe with two of his friends.

On the other hand, Ria’s parents too were happy and proud of their daughter for scoring such an outstanding percentage. They gifted Ria her new phone and decided to take her to a nearby scenic location for a vacation which she definitely deserved and distributed sweets among their relatives on this occasion.

The reactions of their children to the gifts were priceless to them. Ria was very happy and cried the instant she received her new phone whereas Danny was a little sad as he expected a Porsche but later settled for Audi Q3.