Neha is struggling to walk on the sand. With each step she is taking the sand is catching her feet. A set pattern of depression in the sand is following Neha. However, she is trying to run away from her in laws house. Her red blouse and blue skirt is all mixed with sand and dirt. She is lost in the middle of the dessert and is trying hard to find her way to return to her village. Every step in the sand is a spoonful of tears for her. She is aware of the fact that her in laws are behind her to catch her and make her a slave again.

Neha is a 15 year old girl and she is married to Rajesh, who is a 25 year old man in a small district of Rajasthan. She was married to Rajesh when she was 14 years old. She was married exactly after a week she got her first periods. Rajesh never loved her instead just used her as a sex object. Rajesh’s mother used her as a domestic help only. Neha was always asked to wake up at 6:00’o clock in morning and has to go to fetch water from the well of neighboring village. Any delay in her chores will lead to Rajesh beating her up and sometimes even with sticks, shoes and belt. She screams really loud and cries whole day however, that day the entire district becomes deaf.

A little girl, who needs to be in a school and should be studying science, maths and history, she is doing biology and home science. Each night and sometimes even in afternoon she is on the verge of getting pregnant. Rajesh is a cruel man with soul full of sexual desires. His new phone and connection proved to be a bane for Neha. Her life certainly became an empty jar. She has become a mannequin as she has no voice and has to obey others only.

This is not the end of the story when she is on her periods. She has to sleep on floor whether it was summers or winters. There was no end to the extremes done to her at all. She was not allowed to eat the food in utensils. She has to eat her food on leaves and then burn them. She was not treated as a human being. She felt so much pain (Mentally, Physically, Emotionally) which she did not experience in 14 years of her life.

This is not the first time that she is running away from her in laws house. She has been doing this from past 3 months as the amount of extremes done on her are increasing day by day. Firstly she was just raped by Rajesh and afterward she was raped by Rajesh’s father and eventually her bachelor friends. A dignity of a little girl is no more alive. She has lost herself and everything she had. She is no more a person and no more alive in her life. she has lost everything, everything she ever had.