The story Mystery behind the door. Shilpa and Me planned to spend some gala time together. We plan for a picnic, and also a live concert and ultimately end up dancing to the DJ beats. The next morning we rushed back to home, while our packing unpacking dues, something unexpected happens, which made me walk through the mysterious door again. Let’s see what made me broke into the pale and shadowy space this time.

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“Shilpa, make it fast dear, we are getting late”, I said packing my bag. I and Shilpa were going for a Picnic. Shilpa is leaving for Pune the next day. I wished she could stay longer. But her leave has already been extended, moreover even I was tired of avoiding continuous calls from my colleagues. Today is the only day left, and we’ve so many plans for today.

“Shilpa, make It quick!” I screamed out of my excitement.

“Yes, Princess Am here! All set for today’s plan?” Shilpa asked me. “Yeah Shilpa, I’ve planned everything for us!” I exclaimed.

We were just having a check list with the things packed for the picnic. Suddenly I felt like someone was looking at me from the back door. I could feel the eyes hitting my back. Who could be there?, I wondered and walked swiftly towards the Door.

“Princess, Where are you?” It was Shilpa.

“Just in a minute dear”, I took a blind decision and walked off.

We rode for 3 hours and finally reached our destination. We were 200Km’s away from home, checked in one of the best resorts.  We had a toothsome lunch at the Resto bar and later left for sightseeing. There were many tourist spots nearby, and lucky enough we got the passes for the live concert by one of the local famous singer. Shilpa was a huge fan of Indian music. Shilpa was excited to hear Carnatic music. In fact it was Euphony to our ears. We were both too delighted to get such a wonderful Music. Later we joined a few friends at the D Night Club. I must say when it’s time to dance. Shilpa is the first one to hit the floor. And there she is, already with dancing to the beats of the Dj. I wonder where does she gain all that energy from, I guess it’s the Music that energizes her.

Finally we reached back to the resort past 1’o clock and we landed up in a very badly drunken state. I don’t even remember how I managed to drive back to the resort.

“Yay, we are back to our snuggery!” I shouted in delight.

“Ha princess, our cozy little room!” we both started laughing.

Shilpa and I both just loved the place, the scenic view away from the chaos made is beauty presented in its best form ever. Amidst all this I remember i forgot something, Oh Yeah those staring eyes. But I was in no mood to bother it right now. I and Shilpa are very good listeners, and equally the gossip queens too. And being both of us a philacolists, we had many common things to speak about. And unknowingly we ended up discussing about the Mysterious door. I don’t know why always I end up with the same conversation, the listeners change but the incident and there mocking laugh after the whole narration remains the same. Now how can I prove anyone, when I myself don’t know what was actually happening with me.

Next morning, we started roving home, we knew our destination, and hardly the few hours left. Shilpa was leaving on the same day, so we were left behind with her packing, so we drove back as early as possible.

There was a silence in the air. Neither I spoke a word, nor did Shilpa utter a single word. I guess she was guilty about her actions last night, I wish she trusted me, and helped me solve the cluff.

Anyways at least all this while, she’s kept me engaged and I didn’t even thought about it once in this whole week. After reaching home I and Shilpa were busy packing her baggage.

“Excuse me, Is there anyone?” I wondered who would be at the door at this time. Then I thought its better I go and check myself, rather than sitting and thinking here.

“Hello Madam”, it was the sales man.

Leaving behind Shilpa I went to attend him. I’ve bought a few shoes for myself, which I mistakenly ordered the wrong size, so I went back to bring the shoes.

“Here are the Shoes, and yeah please make sure I get my next order on time.” I said him.

“Yeah Madam, Sure!” saying this he left and I locked the door and went back to join Shilpa with her packing. But she seemed nowhere, where has she gone?

“Shilpa, Where are you?”

“Come in dear, help me out”, I could hear a familiar voice, but this wasn’t Shilpa for sure.

“Help me, please help me!” The voice was getting louder.

I couldn’t resist myself for two reasons, first of all that was a very familiar voice and secondly where could be Shilpa, I was really worried about her. I could clearly hear the path of the voice, it was from the same backyard door. When I went there I’ve found that the door is opened, that means someone has been through the door. But who could have opened it, except me and Shilpa none else was at home, and Shilpa very well knew that I warned her not to try any kind of mischievous tricks with that door on the first day itself. I looked around for Shilpa in and around the house, twice thrice but was all in vain. Now all I had the option left was The Door, I wished in fact I prayed that I would never ever peep in through the door, under any circumstances but I was Shilpa, I couldn’t keep her at stake just because I faced a few weird experiences on the other side. So I finally stepped in. But, where will the path lead me this time? What would be awaiting me there? Will I be able to find Shilpa amidst all this?