This story is about Mithun, a social worker, and also a business man. The headlines of the newspaper changed his fate one day.

Mithun is a social worker. He has received many awards for his social works. He would definitely help the poor people at any cost. He is also a business man. Though he is interested in doing social works at all the time he is also managing his family business. He is having a textile shop. After his father’s demise Mithun took incharge of the textile shop.

Though Mithun is a busy man he will spend at least 1 hour daily to read the newspapers. He would collect the information about the poor people who are in need of money. Then he will do the necessary help. Mithun has decided to take part in the state election.

The percentage of the poor people is high in his constituency compared to other constituencies. Mithun need the votes of those poor people. So he has decided to grab the attention of the poor people. For the sake of election he is involved in social works. This is the bitter truth. Mithun has never revealed this truth even to his wife.
The family members and the supporters of Mithun would think that he is involved in the social service whole heartedly. But that is not true. The fate has decided to show another face of Mithun to his wife.
6. OO A.M
Mithun: Sharmila, where are you?
Sharmila (Wife of Mithun): oh my god, why are you shouting? Just wait 5 minutes.
Mithun: no, I have many works to do. Please come soon
Sharmila: ok tell me
Mithun: Mithun opened his eyes and saw the face of his wife. He believes that if he saw his wife when he wake up from the bed then the rest of the day will go successful.
Sharmila: Mithun why don’t you change this sentiment?
Mithun: Sharmila, it’s not my sentiment. It is the truth. When I see your face first in the morning the rest of the day will go peacefully.
Sharmila: though Sharmila was feeling proud about his husband she doesn’t want to express. So she walked away from the place with a smile on her face.
Mithun: As per his routine plan Mithun read the newspaper and after few hours he started to move from his house.
When Mithun reached the main door of his home Sharmila called Mithun.
Sharmila: Mithun
Mithun: Sharmila, I am getting late. Tell me what do you want?
Sharmila: I have kept a letter in your desk. But you didn’t read the letter I think.
Mithun: Sharmila, it would be a letter from the poor people. I will be busy today. So just read the letter and help those people. My personal secretary will assist you.
Sharmila: ok Mithun.
Then Sharmila opened the letter and started to read.

In the letter
Dear Mithun,
I am payal, your first wife. I am in a financial crisis. Please help me. This will be the last time I am asking you for a help. I need money for my medical treatment.
After reading this letter Sharmila was shocked. She didn’t know that Mithun is married already. Before marriage Mithun did not reveal about his personal life to Sharmila.
He married Sharmila because she is the daughter of a rich business man. So Mithun thought that he will get settled in life by marrying Sharmila.

Sharmila was thinking about payal. Mithun is acting like a social worker by helping the poor people. On the other hand he didn’t reveal about payal as she is from a poor family background. So Sharmila has decided to teach a lesson.
The next day
Mithun: Mithun was eager to read the newspaper. Because he is expecting news about the donation he has given for an orphanage recently.
Mithun read the headlines of the newspaper: “The hidden secrets in the personal life of Mithun, the famous social worker have been exposed” followed by an interview from his wife Sharmila.