This is a rather strange and nasty murder mystery story that can prove to be disturbing for some. Reader’s discretion is advised.

“Oh come on man, you’re talking bullshit”

“No, I’m not, see for yourself”

The above conversation was just an ending part of the hour – long meeting that was held between the police departments of two different states who were affected by this case. They both were arguing about the possible method and cause of these happenings that were taking place from the past six months.

It all started when the police were reported about a possible nasty murder in the 10th street suspected to be done by a lunatic. When the police arrived they saw that the body was covered in a white drape which was covered in red (blood) at certain places. It looked disgusting from the above but was horrendous to look at from the beneath. When they removed the covers all were a little nauseous. What they saw could really have deprived one of a nights sleep. The eyes of the person were not in their sockets rather were taken away, the guts were all splattered out and there was a lot of blood surrounding the body. The heart looks as to be taken out as there was a big hole in the chest. But nothing was much clear from just the sight.

The police filed a murder report and recorded the statements of potential people who saw the body first. It appeared as if the murder was really done by a lunatic who had a revenge purpose from the now dead.

The purpose got somewhat clear when the body’s forensic reports came in. The heart was missing and was nowhere to be found at the crime scene and so was the eyes. The guts splattering was a result of the removal of the kidney from the lower abdomen. Overall it looked like a revenge murder but the removal of body parts was really confusing fro the police. The public was not much affected as the police did not reveal all of the information to the media. The public only knew about the murder and not of the parts removal.

The police were set to determine the real murderer and as a result started the investigation from the grass root level. They found out the body’s identity and matched it with their records but the police criminal records showed nothing. Nevertheless, it was a start. An advertisement was given in the newspaper with the photo of the dead asking for recognition. After almost a month of waiting a person showed up to the police station claiming to be a relative of the deceased. He stated that the dead was a normal working class person who used to work somewhere in the other country and has come to this state for a business meeting.

The police were somewhat relieved that at least they had a lead to follow in the case that seemed to be at a standstill from the past month.