“Come on Lily, let’s go”

“Wait up, coming”

This was the morning of the 6th of December when Lily and her family were going to an adventure that was a secret for the kids. Lily’s family consisted of four members, her mother (Emily), her father (Steve), her elder brother (Mike) and herself. She loved them a lot and used to pray every night for their well – being and long life.

Coming back to the present, her parents had been planning a family road trip for a seriously long time as they thought that a long trip would be good for the bonding between the members which was agreed by the mother. After searching a ton of places online they decided to go to their daughter’s dream destination that she had been asking for a long time that is a trekking tip to Malibu which is on the outskirts of Los Angeles and their family lived in San Francisco. It was an eight-hour road trip till Malibu which was perfect for them.

They set out early morning on sixth December hoping to reach their destination by the afternoon. The way was what excited them, driving by wastelands, open fields, small cities was what motivated them throughout.

They took too many breaks as they really wanted to make every minute on the road count. As a result, it delayed them a bit and they reached in the evening. Immediately all went to sleep. They had their next day completely planned out. Early morning rise, walking in the city, having breakfast and then leaving for the trek. Till now Lily wasn’t aware that they had come to her dream destination as she was too small to know the geographical location of Malibu. Her family fully played to her disadvantage and teased her that they were not going to Malibu as it was quite far away to which she reacted with a really sad face.

The next morning, they woke up really early and left for Malibu while Lily was still asleep. This was their plan that once they reach Malibu then they will wake her up and record her reaction in a video to which they were quite successful. Her reaction was amazing. She was really thrilled and hugged and kissed her family. She was really excited on the whole idea of trekking to the top from where an amazing view of Los Angeles city can be seen.

After her breakfast, they were all ready to conquer the mountain and started the trek by noon. It was a four-hour trek which could be longer with kids. But nevertheless, they started. The kids did really good till the mid – point but were really tired so they all decided to take a break, replenish them with some juice and then continue. And this time they reached the top without any breaks. The parents were really shocked to see the determination of their kids and decided to award them as soon as they got down.