Even this made Alissa happy and she saw more scope of improvement in him. Time passed by and Mike was now an all grown up man who was to graduate school the next year. During all these years he used to get anger fits in which his blood pressure rose to the maximum and after they are gone he was not able to remember anything that occurred in those few minutes. After many consultations of a doctor, she came to know that this was an extremely rare phenomenon which did not occur very often, this was quite dangerous and during those moments Mike completely forgets his entity as well as his relations with the other person, what he remembers is the person on whom he is angry only.

There was no occurrence of any such serious incident or accident that forced Alissa to send Mike away to the boarding school, though there were many fights in which he was involved in but it never gave a hint to Alissa about his actions in the future.

With the rise in his problem during all these years his family, as well as friends, were warned one day to not to try to stop or calm Mike when he is in an anger fit as it can be dangerous for both the sides and he may also commit some permanent damage to the other.

It was not long enough after the warning that Alissa got a phone in the middle of the night calling her to a party where her son has seriously messed up. She was really confused as she clearly remembered that he son went to bed in front of her then how come he is at the party. To check she opened the door of his room and found out that Mike has escaped from the window. This was a moment which really put a deep negative vibe in her as she thought about the severity of the act that her son could have committed.

She kept her calm and drove to the venue, as soon as she entered her jaw dropped. The incident shook her from the inside. What is saw was his son with a knife in his hand sitting on a random chair by the body of the person whom he had just stabbed to death. Due to his problem, he did not remember any of this and was really confused as to why he was being blamed for the act that he never committed.

He ran to his mother and asked her about the same. By seeing the silence and the tears rolling down the cheek of his mother he understood that it was all his fault. The police arrived and he was sent off to the prison for twenty years as there was no provision in the law under which he could claim his innocense. Her mother disowned him as she was really scared of him now and did not want anything bad to happen to Emilia who was now her only support. But secretly she still loved her son very much…