“Kritika, come here and clean your room,

It looks as if it is in full bloom.

With rubbers and pencils all strewn,

Over the carpet, desk and cartoons.

come immediately and clean your room.”

My mother was in a rage, upset, and tired,

she had no help as the maid had been fired.

I quietly got up to clean the untidy room

As my mother had said it was in full bloom.

I was astonished to find my secret diary out,

As I searched it carefully I said aloud around

“I need help, Mummy I can’t do this alone!”

My mother replied that she was talking on phone.

So now, since I was all alone to do this great most task,

I made up my mind to do it fast.

I started with my bed,

And then the books which I had read.

I went to to my desk,

And now I needed a rest.

And still I slogged and kept all my things

which included books and even rings.

And at last it was set high

Now my mother would not fight.

Or ask me to clean my messy room,

As she had said-it was full in bloom.