Two very popular detectives Raja and Anoop used to hunt for mystery cases. They once have an interesting case where the son wants to grab all the property his father has the detectives rescue the old man (father) from the clutches of his son who is holding him captive in army mysterious hotel room, the existence of which is known only to a few persons.

“Anoop, we do not have any case now.What should we do? When I sit idle, I really get bored said Raja eating his breakfast.

Yes you are absolutely right,but…?

“Ring! Ring! Ring!”!

Oh! This phone! This is disgusting. I do not want to keep it in my house! “said Anoop.

” Hello! Who’s speaking ?

“Please help me! “Said an old man.

” Who are you? How can we help you? “Said, Raja.

” Please come immediately,

“But what is your address?”

“Listen! Listen, my addressis 700, Hilton, Goj Road, New Delhi.Please come soon.”

Ok, Ok, Relax. We are coming, “said Raja.

” What happened, Raia? ” Nothing! There is a case for us. Thank God! We do not have to sit idle now

“Ok!” Let’s go. Quick, “said Anoop”

They were on their way, when suddenly the pager started beeping.

” Oh, our pager is beeping! Look at it and tell me what’s the message? Is there a new case? ”

I will read the message. Huh! What’s this?

Somebody is telling us that there is a bomb in the car and if we slow down below 50 km .. the bomb will explode.

“Oh! What should we do? “Said, Raja.”

We should get out of this car immediately. We shall have to jump out of it.

“Yes, you are correct! “Said Anoop.

They jumped out of the car and after some time, the car exploded!!.

” Oh, we have lost our car! “Said both of them” Now how we reached the old man’s place? Asked Anoop.

“And how will we we ask his problem?” Said raja,

“Well, now we should take a bus and get there as soon as possible because that old man asked us to hurry!” Said, Raja.

“‘There is a bus coming Oh! This is good.Jump on it!” Said Anoop.


They reached the Hilton and asked the manager for Room No. 700.

What … There is no Room 700, “said Anoop.

” Relax, Anoop. ”

We have rooms till 699 only, “said the Manager.” Take us to Room 699 then.

“They reached room No. 699. and !!!…”

“Waiter! You please go from here, ‘said Raja.”

This can not be possible! How can there be rooms only till 699 when that old man told us to come to Room No. 700 … ??? “said Anoop.

” There must be some secret behind it. We must we must unveil the mystery.

They went inside the room.

“Oh, this room is very nice and clean.”

“Anoop! What, s that? A rope hanging …”

“Come! Let’s examine it,” said Anoop.

They were looking at it very carefully when Raja pulled the rope.

“Oh, Anoop! Look! Something is moving.It’s coming from up there.

Raja pushed Anoop to the other side.

” Thank You, Raja! You saved life. ”

I am extremely sorry! But I only pulled the rope, “said Raja.

” Let’s get out of here. Let’s go, “said both of them”

Oh! But where are we going?

“Suddenly the lift door opened. As soon as they stepped into it, the lift started moving.”

It’s mysterious, is not it?

“The lift went straight down to the basement The lift door opened and .. ???”

What’s this? ”

” We have not had a case like this before. It’s mystery “said Anoop.

A cat was mewing and standing right in front of them.The cat suddenly started running away.

“Let’s follow the cat.


“Oh, Anoop! Where is this cat taking us? I am scared, “said Raja.

The cat took them to a secret room.

And …” So this is Room No. 700 !! ”

Oh I think this is the same old man who phoned us.

There was an old man there, tied with a rope.

“Yes! You are the one who phoned you,” said the old man.

“But who is standing beside?” Said Raja.

“His my son, ‘said the old man.”

Give me all the papers so that I can claim your property, “said his son.”

No! I will not give them to you!

What can you do “I will kill you! “Said the son.

” Kill me !! But I still wont give you the papers.”

The cat had, in the meanwhile, cut the ropes from behind. It scratched the old man’s son. His pistol fell onto the ground, Anoop caught the son while Raia called the police through his mobile phone.

Soon the police was there The police handcuffed the son and took him away.

Theold man was thankful to Raga and Anoop. He got ready to go home.

There was a beep again on their pager. This time it was their mother calling, “Come home soon, sonny.It’s time for dinner.”