The story is about the lonely child muskan and her puppy tommy.
Muskan was playing with Tommy her cute puppy. Muskan will throw a ball and tommy will try to kick that ball. Both were running inside the room. Due to enthusiasm Muskan shouted louder. By hearing her voice muskan’s mommy came to her room. There she saw Muskan and tommy playing together.

Muskan’s mom: Muskan, you are playing for the past 1 hour. So stop playing now and do your homework.

Muskan: mom, 10 minutes then I’ll come

Muskan’s mom: no baby. Go and do your homework now.

Though Muskan did not like to do homework, she stopped playing now because she know that if she didn’t stop playing then mom will not allow her to play with tommy the rest of the day.


Muskan completed her homework and she was watching the television.

Muskan’s mom: Muskan, come baby. Let us eat our lunch together.

Muskan: no mom. I’ll eat with tommy.

Muskan’s mom: ok, as you wish. Then she served the food.

Muskan and tommy started eating their lunch together.

6 P.M

Muskan: muskan’s daddy has presented her a color book and she was happy to do the coloring work.

While she was busy with her work tommy started to help her. Tommy selects the color pencils and gave it to her. Even though some of the colors would not match with the picture in the book, Muskan would use the same color pencils which were selected by tommy.


Muskan’s mom: Muskan’s mom enters into her room and served her a glass of milk.

Muskan: mom, can you please sleep with me tonight?

Muskan’s mom: baby, you are growing older. Your friend Seema also sleeps in her room alone and not with her mom and dad. She is one year younger than you. Try to learn from her.

Muskan: she looks disappointed but replied immediately as ok mom.

Muskan’s mom: ok baby, good night.

The Next Day Morning

Muskan was getting ready for the school. When she was wearing her clothes tommy also helped her by picking up the tie, socks, and handkerchief.


Muskan’s mom: when her mom was working in the office, she got a call from muskan’s headmistress.

Muskan’s headmistress: madam, can you please come to our school in the evening.

Muskan’s mom: why? Whether Muskan has committed any mistakes?

Muskan’s headmistress: madam, I cannot explain through phone. If possible please ask muskan’s father to come and meet me in the evening. I want to discuss something important with both of you.

Muskan’s mom: then ok madam, we both will come and meet you in the office. Muskan’s mom had come to a conclusion that Muskan has committed some serious mistake and that’s why her headmistress is calling both of them.

Muskan’s School

Muskan’s mom and dad reached the school office.

Headmistress: please come in and take your seat

Muskan’s mom and dad: what happened madam? What’s the issue?

Headmistress: today we gave a topic to our class students. The topic is whom do you love the most and why? See what’s your daughter has written.

Muskan’s mom and dad began to read the paper written by Muskan.

I love my dear best friend tommy. Tommy will play with me, eat with me, help me when I am painting and also sleep with me. Tommy would not scold me.

Last week I got fever. I called mommy. Before I started to explain through phone she immediately said she was in a meeting and so she cannot come to home now. But tommy seeks the help from my neighbors by barking outside their home. So my neighbor uncle come to my home and asked me the reason for Tommy’s anger. So I said I am not feeling well.

Then my neighbor uncle gave me a spoon of syrup and within few hours I got well. I love tommy very much and Tommy is my best friend forever.

Muskan’s headmistress: I was shocked after reading this. Please try to understand your daughter. I know both of you were busy in your work. But your daughter needs love and special attention from both of you. Tommy alone can’t do that.

Muskan’s mom and dad were feeling guilty.