Why you being mad..are you on your periods?

A simple question which creates blunders yet taken so funnily. What does this society think of periods? whenever this topic gets a vow people has their obstructive perceptions. Either it is taken as a joke or ignored abruptly.  Why being on periods makes a girl mad? Why am I compared as an insane one? Can’t I be mad otherwise? Why periods on first place?

This is where we should use Feminism. Why we are giving permission to others to make fun of us. Fun of being a girl. Fun of giving birth to their sperms. This is surreal but people give their time fighting on shit topics over social media instead.

PERIODS! It is our routine. We women should be proud of it but what we do is to hide it. Under a newspaper or not going to temples. We hide the stains on our pants, we hide the pain of it, we hide its existence. Very few people have understood its importance and the one who haven’t make memes on it.

Why am i called  mad..for bleeding? Well no one can understand this hypocrisy. The people who ask us to stay away from sacred temples, rape their enchanters! Why cannot a girl should speak about it to her father? Our mothers tell us that its a taboo and our fathers are not supposed  to listen to your crap. Well, the first time I had periods, I was alone with my father and he taught me to put a sanitary napkin on my panty. This is what I called Feminism. Empowering self without allegations. There are people who are willing to make a change but society just cannot let it happen. And it would remain a sin as long as women themselves are ashamed of it.

I am a girl. I am moody. I enjoy my periods publicly. It has not to be a secret. I bleed and no one can laugh on it!