Did Malliquh and Nauseen really know the meaning behind the Roza?

Malliquh and Nauseen were so involved in attending parties that did they knew about Huma and Nazma?

The month of Ramzan started. There were celebrations all around. Everyone was so excited and was having fun. Every corner was cherishing in revelry. Malliquh house was near the market. There was hustle bustle around his house. Festival celebrations were in the air. Malliquh has only one child named Paras. He was 9 years old and was in 3rd standard. He was extremely happy because it was his 1st “Roza”. Nowadays ritual of opening Roza has become a status symbol for people. Paras belong to very rich and elite class. His father was a businessman and earned a lot. He was well qualified and had a huge experience in his own field.

Malliquh has the wife named Nauseen. They both were very happy with their married life. Nauseen and Malliquh were not very fond of this fasting system. They both keep Roza on rare days and at rare times. But Nauseen’s mother-in-law believed in Allah and used to keep Roza every time. She always made herself involved in Allah and rituals associated with them. She used to spend most of the time with Allah and was very religious.

Their household worker Nazma was very hard working and used to spend most of the time with them. But today was Roz everyone including Nazma daughter’s Huma was excited. So, they came to Malliquh home early today at 6:00 a.m. Nazma along with Huma reached home at 5:30 a.m. and made themselves busy in cleaning their home. They started with putting on new bedsheets. They put on clean white bedsheets both on the beds and the floor because of the Namaz that they were going to perform. They mobbed the whole house. They washed the verandah and the balcony including some portion of the street. They kept all the religious items which needed to perform Namaz. They managed to do it within a single hour. And the Namaz system was arranged for the women which were invited as guests and the neighbors.

Malliquh already told his colleagues, friends, and relatives about Paras’ Roza. He was delighted and kept a huge lunch called “Dawat” at their home. He called nearly 150 people on this gathering. Huge preparations were made for this event. Caterers were there to serve people and top chefs were invited to make the delicious finger licking food. Tents were established along with the soft music. Tables, chairs, mats and lightening system was arranged. All of it together looked too beautiful. The chef was super talented and had his huge name in the neighboring cities.

Paras was made to sit in a room which was fully air-conditioned. He was pampered a lot all because it was his first Roza and he belonged to a very rich class. He was given a separate room so that he interacts very less with the guests. He has gifted a mobile phone so that he remained busy and his mind didn’t deviate from eating and he doesn’t wish to eat more. All this was made because he didn’t crave for the food. Malliquh and Nauseen both took care of Paras very much. They both pampered him too much. Everyone enjoyed a lot at the event and were completely joyful because of the food. The food was very delicious.

But Nazma and Huma did every kind of household work. They kept washing the home and utensils up to 5 p.m. in the evening. They were exhausted and didn’t celebrate a second of their Roza. Instead, they worked hard and long as compared to other days.

They mostly had the glass and costly heavy metals utensils because they had bought them recently only due to this purpose. So Nazma and Huma had to take a lot of care while washing the utensils and keep them in a safer place so that they don’t get damaged or broken. Nauseen even told them that they didn’t want even a single scratch on their glass utensils. So, washing the utensils wiping them and keeping them in a safer place was a huge work and they paid it off. Huma and Nazma were very tired because they were doing all the household work since 7:00 a.m. in the morning and also due to Roza they neither eat something nor drank even a single of water. So, all their energy levels went down. Huma couldn’t even move her hand because of loads of work. She was getting faint nearly because of the deprivation of the food and water. Her faced shrank almost to the size of a pomegranate. She was completely weary. Her lips went so dry that the epidermis of the lips was getting peeled itself.

Nazma and Huma weren’t able to move their hand because they were exhausted. So, the lie down on the floor of the kitchen itself and decided to take a short nap so that they might get some rest. It hasn’t been half an hour that Nauseen approached there and started reprimanding them that fruits have approached the house main gate. Go and get them. Wash the fruits and after splicing them add some spices and chutneys. Make a delicious fruit chat from them and put them in small glass bowls and serve them to the guests.

What will help next?