Seeing raining like cats and dogs from the vision of a child can put you in a fix

It is around 30 years ago. Rohan used to study in college. He was doing his under graduation from Calcutta University. The days were glorying at that time. The air used to be pure as compared to know. There was a whole bush of green trees that surround the college. The aura was so mesmerizing there. Everyone wanted to stay at the college only. No one wanted to go back to their respective homes.

I completed my bachelor in technology from there and was busy in my placement session. Everyone at that time used to wait eagerly to get placed as soon as possible. The companies were coming to employee students from our college. The interviews used to be very hard.

I too was involved in these placement sessions so that I could get a job to buy myself and my family members a bread. So, i went to Nagpur for the interview of a company. Luckily, I cleared that interview and got selected as a computer engineer there. So, in a hurry I packed my clothes with some basic needs so that I can settle there. It happened all because my job was starting just after 3 days from the date of interview. I somehow managed to do the packing within 5 hours. My company was away from the city so I took a flat which was nearest to the company. It was around 1.5 kms way from the company. Therefore, I used to go to my job by bus or sometimes by my personal vehicle. I loved my job a lot. It was fun working there. My colleagues were so good. Also the office time was perfect. All my whole day went in working in office and travelling. I got super busy within a few days.

It was almost 2.5 moths that I had been working with the multi-national company. Summer slowly changed into monsoon. Pre-monsoon had approached there with the mild rains. That beautiful weather remained for a few days and was slowly going to change into a heavy downpour when the monsoon would be there.

The place where I used to live was a multi-storey building with 10 apartments in that building. I used to live on the 6th floor and there were a couple of high school and college students that used to live in the 5th apartment which was just below my apartment. I used to meet them whenever I was free. On weekends I used to spend my whole days with them. So we became friends very soon.

It was the mid-July when it rained so heavily in Nagpur. The rain continued till the whole night and it was a very heavy downpour. It should have been the maximum rain recorded of that year by the weather department. So, i along with my friends that used to live just below my apartment had a great fun that night. We were singing songs, dancing all night, playing many games, chit-chatting and having pakodas.