This is a story based on true events first what’s common in this world ,is everyone who has a kind heart will suffer more ,this is not an issue but proved to be a myth . We have a population in crores and there are many people who feels in old school love ,matchmaking and soulmate connection.

This is a harsh reality that love which was to be considered earlier as a purest form of life is now mean anything .this generation where relationships,situationships, breakups are common how can a person find his match ,his perfect choice ,a person who can barely understand him and slight he may have a fear that person can leave him someday.

Memories snaps flashbacks of closed paths is the topic I thought might be suitable because memories are a collection of a person feelings and emotions which reflects through his aesthetic frames of life whereas someone who gets betyral has to make his memories haunt him a lot day by day .

This is all due to the change in the thinking, perspective and judgements about a person cause once you move on and open a new way or esteem path of self love which will find your inner peace and make you feel like you know yourself better as no one else knows is a deal to your inner self . If you try to chase people who hurt and treated you like anything or you didn’t mean anything to them in the past ,if you still chase them and beg them for love and attention! It’s a big question to you and your self respect?

Ps : In this fake world ,find someone who values you , understand and treat you in a right way ,makes you his priority,invest all his efforts in all matters of concern and care for you happiness which matches your energy,vibes and reflect and make you happy always . That’s considered to be a connection out of a blue or something which survives forever’.

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