I just went through my old journal and found something I wrote 7 months ago, and I wanted to share this with everyone. A lesson that might help you now or in the future.

According to me, the only thing you need to be afraid of is your own “Self”, that resides within you. It controls you and decides what kind of life you live. I want to share an anecdote from my life that’ll help you to understand how your inner self is unknowingly controlling you.

As a child, I had crooked teeth. All my friends and family made fun of me. Some would say “Yo, did you beat your teeth inside.” I would laugh it off, I still do. But deep inside it would hurt me a little and put fear in my mind. Days turned to years and my fear turned to phobia. I’ve postponed my dental appointment for like 4 to 5 years because of this. Finally, I put all my courage and got my braces on. It was on 08/10/2022 I got my braces on and this is what I wrote in my journal.

” Hey, diary! So, it’s been a day and a half of me wearing braces and it’s not ok..obviously. I can’t chew food like before and I feel that some of my teeth are out of place. But it’s not as bad as I thought it is. I guess ill be okay after a good night’s sleep. Hope this goes well.

Date of braces: 08/10/2023

And tomorrow is my first day at college with braces…this is something I’ve always feared…. let’s see how this goes”.

Now after 7 months when I look back upon it. It made me laugh. How scared and stupid I was to let my fears control my entire life. I realized that it was not the people around me that made me feel uncomfortable. It’s me. I am to blame myself for all the miserable days I put myself in.

Not anymore. My mother taught me, the best way to lose your fears is to fight them rather than fear them. Own yourself. “You” have to be the person that chooses how you wanna live. Don’t let anybody or your inner self tell you that you’re not enough, or not beautiful, or you cannot do something. Remember! “If you think you can, you can”.

Now I know, I left my fear behind me when I had the guts to post this to everyone.

“It’s what’s inside of me, that made me feel low, timid, and a coward to show myself to the world. I will not let my fears control me anymore.”