There was a joint family of six members including grandparents. It was the 70th birthday of the grandmother and the family planned to celebrate her birthday in her favorite place. They decided to take her to a place where she went with her grandfather for celebrating her birthday when she was young. So the place was very beautiful it’s the place where she was born so they decided to take her there and give her a surprise gift on her 70th birthday. The whole family was very excited and happy to give her a surprise but on the other side, grandmother was very sad because she thinks no one remembers her birthday as everyone decided not to let her know that we are planning a surprise gift for her and behave like it’s a normal day. In the evening his son’s wife told her to get ready for a medical checkup at a near hospital. At first, she was not ready to talk also in angry but later on when his son pleased her she accepted to go to the hospital. Everything was ready the place was decorated. When the grandmother arrived at the hospital in the car after some time the other members arrived at reach the place. Grandmother was still in a sad mood that his children are not aware of her birthday even his husband whom she lived with for so long. The hospital was passed by the car she told to his son that the hospital was gone behind where we are going they said no mummy we are going to another hospital. She asked “why everything was good in the hospital and then why to changed the hospital “ then he said “The other hospital is better than this it has some extra facilities” as she was angry she didn’t say anything after that and sitted silently everyone was aware of her angriness as she is a very humble and talkative person the way she was behaving was opposite of her nature. When they arrived at the place Grandmother was looking for a hospital but seeing there is no hospital she asked his son about it, He told we have to walk some distance to reach the hospital when they arrived at a place where there is no light she asked why there is not light he said wait here I all see what happened. Then he arrived to live with his grandmother with his wife and after a couple of minutes, the light suddenly on and everyone from her family neighbors and her husband i.e grandfather was there and clapping and singing the happy birthday song. By seeing this surprise she was so happy that she keep standing at that place for some period of time, her eyes filled with tears of happiness. His son picked her hands and take her near the cake they celebrated her birthday with so much happiness that she can never forget as it was the night she is not aware of the place but when the lights up and she saw the photos of her grandfather with whom she celebrates her birthday she was crying and missing her grandfather who she loved the most everyone came near her and said it’s not time to cry great grandfather is looking from heaven you should be happy otherwise he will also become sad then after some time she thanked everyone for this wonderful and lovingly surprise. Everyone at the party gave her some things but the gifted which she got from her family was the best gift she ever got in her life she was super duper happy and enjoyed that night with her family by dancing by singing and by remembering the days when she spends her time with her grandfather that was her one of the best birthday. The love from the family we got is the god’s biggest gift that we got in our life we should take care of our family and should try to keep them happy and together we should respect each other’s emotions, and opinions and should share our happiness and sadness with our family that what family is my opinion. If you loved this story and want me to improve something in this please let me know I would love to have feedback from all of you at the end of the day we are all together as a family of humanity and love.