When Characters of Mahabharata meets Lord Ram!


Since Lord Rama was sentenced of the fourteen year exile, he always used to go out for hunting everyday. And as usual was out for hunting when suddenly a bullet gushed out of a high tech automated shotgun from somewhere in the woods and passed through a deer’s head. Lord Rama was amazed at the very sight that he had witnessed and wanted to meet the person who fired the shotgun. And to find the man possessing the shotgun Lord Rama and Laxman searched every corner of the forest, and found a tall man wearing sunglasses, he had a very nice physique and looked very strong. Lord Rama was surprised to see such a guy in the forest. He went towards the guy to have a few words with him.

Add a gesture of courtesy Lord Rama took off his Cowboy hat and bowed towards the guy, and spoke, “Hola Amigo, chaps call me Rama here, Lord Rama! Who are you young man??”

The guy with the shotgun then replied, “Bonjour Monsieur! Je m’appelle Arjun!” and bowed towards Rama and removed the sunglasses.

“Oh! So you are Arjun, the man with the Hawk eye!” Lord Rama exclaimed.

“Viola! Viola!” Arjun replied with content.

Lord Rama was very pleased to meet Arjun and was in the middle of a conversation when they all felt the ground below their feet shake, and suddenly Lord Rama shrieked out, “Oh Good Lord! What the hell is going on in the forest?”

“Don’t worry Pal! It’s just my brother working out.” replied Arjun with a very relaxed face. And then Arjun called all his Brothers and they all met Lord Rama. They all were having a good conversation when suddenly they heard a woman screaming, “ Arjun… Bheem… Yudhisthira… Nakul… Sachdeva…”

After that very moment all the brothers spoke in one voice, “Oh it’s Mom, She might be calling us for Lunch, it’s time we should go!” as they finished a lean yet very fair Lady reached up to them.

“Lord Rama!” she exclaimed as she got nearby. All the brothers were surprised on hearing their mother say.

“Where is he?” they all asked in confusion.

“You Nincompoops! The guy you are standing next to is Lord Rama!” she screamed at them.

“I am sorry for their foolishness Lord, please forgive them they are unknown and naïve.” Kunti said to Lord Rama and bowed down to touch his feet when Lord Rama bent towards her and touched her feet and he spoke, “I am the one who should now down Madame! Non vous! Madame Kunti!”

Kunti then took blessing from Lord Rama, and asked, “Have they been troubling you?”

“Non non! In fact I am very pleased to meet them!” Rama replied, “they are all very well spoken, well behaved and well bright up, they were a wonderful company for my time here today and I leaned a lot of new things from them.”

Soon Lord Rama was indulged in a very deep conversation with Kunti about the situation that landed them into exile when they were interrupted by another entity.

“Lord Rama! Madame Sita awaits your presence for Lunch now” spoke Jatayu.

At that moment Rama realised that he had been so into the conversation that he had no track of time, and was about to wish farewell and depart from the site, when he thought that it would be nice to invite his new friends to his place for lunch. And thus he requested Kunti for accompanying them for Lunch, at first Kunti was a bit hesitant. But looking at the content of Lord Rama’s face and the happiness in the face of her sons, she  agreed to Lord Rama’s offer.

After that day, Lord Rama was accompanied by the Pandavas every day for hunting, and even when Madame Sita was captive in Ravana’s Kingdom Lanka, they helped Lord Rama in his fight against Ravana. And they all became the best of friends thereafter.