Gopal is an innocent orphan with a brain injury  resulting in low intellectual function . he lives along with his grand mother  in a village. in that village, Jaya ,a young widow with a five year old son ,lives along with her brother .she often abused by her sister-in-law but Jaya, have nowhere to go bears it all.

                   Gopal often encounters Jaya and get appalled by her condition .one day during Sri ram Navami festival Gopal marries Jaya ,shocking all the villagers .his grandmother approves his marriage as she also has much sympathy  and regard for Jaya ,but his uncle and orthodox villagers ,opposes the marriage due that Gopal’s grandmother dies ,leaving innocent Gopal in the hands of Jaya .Jaya moves in with her husband with the blessings of her brother

some of the villagers helped them to build there new life ,gradually Jaya makes Gopal in to responsibilities of a man ,Gopal finds work and starts to support his wife and his son   .Later they have a son and live happily for a long time .years pass ,and Jaya becomes ill and dies in her husband’s arms .Finally Gopal walk out of his house .He carries a Tulasi plant , which was his memory of Jaya’s love