There lived a lonely boy in a beautiful village that rests at the top of a hill station with dreams to unfold and stories untold. He held on to the scars that bruised his innocence. As days passed by he gazed at the stars and cried to realize that his mother only resides in his heart. Days turned to weeks and he questioned his fate, he asked “is it wrong to be in love or to be loved? “Why should I loose the ones I loved? Well with thoughts clouding his sense of reasoning a shimmer of hope comes to his life.

That morning Andrew heard the church bell ring as the whole village gathered with drenched umbrellas Andrew stamped on the puddles and smelt the petrichor in the air with a pleasant ray of joy he felt the dewdrops on his skin and was awoken by the innocent chuckles of laughter as he walked down the forest lane he moved the leaves and stepped on to the pebbles that stirred his emotions, with birds harmonizing with the ever flowing ripples of water .He stopped by the creek to admire the blue eyes , golden hair , red ribbon and a white dress that resembled the angels he saw with his mother in his dream . Andrew saw her from far and heard his heart pound, it said “stay love!”. As he walked closer his words stumbled with fear and his feet turned sore. As the wind blew the curls of her hair drifted apart. He stammered and said “you’re here so why do I fear”. Rose turned back and her eyes sparkled she ran towards him and they rejoiced at their reunion. She then said “Andrew I came in search of you after knowing that Mary is no more, I know it’s been a hard time but I am here and there is no need to fear” (Both hugged with tears of joy and sat on a wooden log). As the two conversed about the past. She said “It’s never too late to love again as a new chapter has unfolded and I am here to mend those wounds. So never let the past determine your future ”. He smiled and looked at the clouds as a drop of tear trickled down his cheeks.